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Song book creator written in python. Input is a directory with .txt files. Output is one pdf file.

Example of output songbook PDF file


sudo apt-get install python-yaml


To generate pdf songbook use:

python sobo sobo -id ~/Dropbox/akordy/nove-poradky

Every song in input data is stored into .txt file. First line of this file contain song name and artist namefile separated with dash symbol.

Song name - Artist Name (Optional Band)

C     G    D
This is text of song
C        G      D
This is second line

Files are organized into subdirectories based on genre. In genre are song sorted by artist name. Sorting algorithm use reverse order of words. This means that last name is used on first place. If there is text closed into round bracket order of words is not changed and text in braces is moved on begining of sorted string.

String for sorting from our previous example is then: Optional Band Name Artist

Example of input data directory