Custom lightweight iOS forward and reverse geocoding services using Google's JSON geocoding API (v3)
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iOS Geocoding Services

A suite of Objective-C hooks for Google's location APIs.

  • MJGeocoder: uses the Google Gecoding API to search for addresses and translate them into latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • MJReverseGeocoder: uses the Google Reverse Geocoding API to translate latitude and longitude into a readable address.
  • MJPlacesFinder: searches the Google Places for businesses that match a given query. (requires a Google dev API key which can be generated here:



Everything is released under the BSD License, all code is free to use in any projects (check out the files for more details)

Other Notes

  • Any comments regarding the services, suggestions, notes on bugs or comments on the MKReverseGeocoder failure issue are welcome.

  • The services rely on the open source Objective-C JSON framework ( it's only been tested with the version included with the project.