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Mongo-esque Reddit-based Database!


Mongit gives users a way to store data in the cloud without needing to purchase and setup a database. Just use Reddit!

All entries are encrypted with AES256 bit encryption!

Note, unless you are legitimately insane, you should not use this in large, enterprise, production environments. Really, in any environments. It's more of a proof of concept.

Installation & Running

Install using npm install. Copy config/settings.sample.js as config/settings.js. You'll need a subreddit and a post in that subreddit. In settings.js, substitute the subreddit name into the variable subredditName and the id of the post into the variable postId. Set the username and password variables to your reddit account credentials. Then, to run the console, type in node main.js. You might want to make it so that your subreddit only allows moderators to post, so nobody can 'inject' data into your server.


Currently, all usage is done in the REPL, but you can easily see the methods being called and call them instead of using the REPL.

find([query],[callback]) - Similar to MongoDB, you can pass search criteria. find() will find all entries whereas find({"test":1}) would return all entries where the field test exists and has a value of 1. The callback is a function which receives one argument, the array of everything found in the 'database'.

insert(json[, callback]) - Again, like Mongo, you need to pass a JSON to actually be inserted into the database. The callback takes an argument of a boolean lets you know whether or not the insert went through successfully - true means it worked.

remove(query[, callback]) - Deletes a query, like Mongo. Everything with data matching query will be removed. The callback takes an argument of a boolean lets you know whether or not the delete occurred successfully - true means it worked.

update(query, newvalue[, callback]) - Updates a query. newvalue is a JSON representing what fields will be set. Preexisting fields not in newvalue will remain unmodified. The callback takes an argument of a boolean lets you know whether or not the update went through successfully - true means it worked.

use <db> - Changes the current database to db (subreddit).

show dbs - Shows the databases the user is a moderator for.

show collections - Shows the collections in the current database.

changeCollection(collection) - Changes the collection you are connected to (post).

db - Prints current database name.

How it works

Each entry in the database is actually a comment on a subreddit post. The database is just a post in a subreddit. Using Reddit's API, you grab the comments, parse them as a JSON, and return them!


Mongit was created at HackRU Fall 2014, and won a bunch of stuff there.

  • 2nd Place Overall
  • Favorite Yodle Hack
  • Best use of Internet, from BookHolders


  • Support to easily make multiple 'databases', which are basically just posts in the subreddit
  • Mongo selectors & delimeters & stuff, such as $gt in the find method
  • Dynamic 'database' generation - find all posts and treat them as different DBs


Make an issue or email me at Happy hacking!

This was all made at a hackathon, so naturally it's not the most refined thing. It's also a proof of concept.


💾 Mongo-esque Reddit-based Database!







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