A simple OS for RaspberryPi
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# ross

A very simple OS for Raspberry Pi.

This README is quite bare. It exists so that I can remember how to set up a development environment.


The scripts in this repository expect the following to be available on your PATH:

  • mjkillough/qemu-rpi (QEMU fork with Raspberry Pi support)
  • GCC ARM EABI toolchain

Install qemu-rpi

To compile:

$ brew install pkg-config glib automake libtool
$ ./configure --target-list=arm-softmmu
$ make
$ make install

## Install embedded GCC ARM toolchain

Pre-compiled and source versions of this are available. Just download one and place it on your PATH.

# Develop / Run

To develop/run:

$ make
$ ./qemu.sh

To exit out of QEMU, hit: Ctrl + A, C, q, enter


To start QEMU with GDB stopped on the first instruction, pass -s -S to ./qemu.sh.

To launch GDB, run arm-none-eabi-gdb from the root of the repo. (The repo contains a .gdbinit file, which sets up symbols and connects to a running QEMU session).

Useful tips:

  • To enter the GDB curses UI, either press C-x C-a or pass -tui.
  • When debugging ASM, layout asm and stepi/si are useful.