Materials for workshop on code literacy at Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference
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Using Jupyter Notebooks to Build Code Literacy and Introduce Digital Humanities

This repository contains materials for a workshop on code literacy at Bucknell University's third Digital Scholarship Conference, October 28-30, 2016. The 1.5-hour workshop focuses on JUpyter Notebooks as a tool for code literacy, with a heavy emphasis on digital pedagogy.

I have designed this repository with subfolders for the various topics I am covering at the workshop. The folders map to the following schedule:


  1. Pre-workshop survey (20 minutes)
  2. Introductory remarks (15 minutes)
  3. Literate code exercise (30 minutes)
  4. Discussion of teaching ideas (20 minutes)

Other Quick Links

Anticipated Questions

  • When I go to the Jupyter Notebook server, I see a warning that "Your connection is not private"

    • This is because I'm using a non-verified SSL. It's safe for what we're doing since no exchange of private data is taking place. Click "Advanced" and then "Proceed to (unsafe)" to continue. You can read more about SSL [here] (
  • What is the password to the Jupyter Notebook server?

    • I will provide it in person at the workshop
  • Does it matter which web browser I use?

    • My students have reported issues using Safari. Chrome seems to work best.
  • What is your Twitter handle?

Some other resources