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+title: "Das Keyboard"
+date: 2012-05-03 11:06
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+categories: Mac Hardware
+A [Das Keyboard][das] is one of those things I always wanted, but wouldn't actually purchase. $130 is not a small amount of money for a college student to spend on a keyboard, so it was always to easy to dismiss as something I didn't really need.
+I finally decided that as a software developer, my keyboard is an important enough tool that it is worth putting money into getting a good one. So I ordered the [Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac][dasmac] at its pre-order price of $113. Currently it sells for $133.
+{% img /images/posts/daskeyboard.jpg 'Das Keyboard' 'My Das Keyboard in all its glory' %}
+I could not be happier with it. This is the highest quality keyboard I have ever used. The keys produce just enough resistance to make you certain that you have pressed a key, yet not so much that it makes the keys harder to press. Typing with it is actually *satisfying.* I almost feel more productive just because this keyboard makes me want to type more, though I imagine that feeling will fade with time.
+I should comment on the noise, since I know that's one of the first things people think of in regards to this keyboard, or mechanical keyboards in general. It is **loud**. There's no getting around that.
+I love the noise.
+My suspicion is that this keyboard is more satisfying than non-mechanical keyboards because it engages the senses in a way that those keyboards cannot. You hear and feel every single keypress. And that matters, both because it feels better and because I believe it actually makes me type faster and better. It's harder to make mistakes when the keyboard gives this much feedback.
+If you rely on your keyboard as much as I do, I strongly recommend a [Das Keyboard][das]. My only complaint is that I don't have two of them, one for home and one for work.
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