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The only framework that makes responsive-email easy

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  1. mjml mjml Public

    MJML: the only framework that makes responsive-email easy

    JavaScript 16.7k 941

  2. mjml-app mjml-app Public

    📧 The desktop app for MJML

    JavaScript 835 78

  3. gulp-mjml gulp-mjml Public

    Add Gulp to your MJML workflow!

    JavaScript 161 37

  4. mjml-component-boilerplate mjml-component-boilerplate Public

    A boilerplate to quickly get started when creating your own component

    JavaScript 136 53

  5. language-mjml language-mjml Public

    Atom Editor package providing syntax support for MJML

    CoffeeScript 48 8

  6. mjml-syntax mjml-syntax Public

    Sublime package for the MJML

    44 10


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