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Displays a responsive image in your email. It is similar to the HTML <img /> tag. Note that if no width is provided, the image will use the parent column width.

        <mj-image width="300px" src="" />

try it live

attribute unit description default value
align position image alignment center
alt string image description n/a
border string css border definition none
border-radius px border radius n/a
container-background-color color inner element background color n/a
css-class string class name, added to the root HTML element created n/a
fluid-on-mobile string if "true", will be full width on mobile even if width is set n/a
height px image height auto
href url link to redirect to on click n/a
padding px supports up to 4 parameters 10px 25px
padding-bottom px bottom offset n/a
padding-left px left offset n/a
padding-right px right offset n/a
padding-top px top offset n/a
rel string specify the rel attribute n/a
src url image source n/a
srcset url & width enables to set a different image source based on the viewport n/a
target string link target on click _blank
title string tooltip & accessibility n/a
width px image width 100%
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