A World of Warcraft addon that adds extra information to RealID and BattleTag friend login alerts
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RealID Toons

Adds the current character name of your Real ID and BattleTag friends to the Battle.net alert informing you they have come online. Information is added to both the inline chat notification and the popup Toast window. Alerts are populated with information based on the format string replacements you choose.


The following replacements are available:

  • $t - Character Name, uncolored
  • $T - Class Colored Character Name
  • $c - Class name
  • $C - Class Colored class name
  • $s - Realm (server) Name (only if different than the player's)
  • $S - Realm (server) Name (Always)
  • $f - Faction symbol (only if different from player, or on another server)
  • $F - Faction symbol (Always)
  • $l - Character level
  • $L - Character level (difficulty colored)
  • $r - Character race
  • $n - Friend note (only shown in Chat alerts)
  • $N - Friend note (always shown)