GUI for PyProcGame testing (simulates playfield switches and lamps)
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PyProcGame GUI Development Tool (formerly OscSwitchMatrixGUI)

A cross-platform (wxPython-based) interactive testing tool that lets you send switch events to the OSC mode for PyProcGame and see lamp updates. (Thread for questions/support:


The tool reads your machine yaml for switch definitions. Left click a switch to toggle it (mouse down for active, mouse up for inactive), and right click to turn it on. If no playfield image is provided, the user gets a simple switch matrix interface based on the game's machine yaml file.


If you provide a playfield image as a background (command line option -i [filemname]), you may use the layout mode to place lamps and switches around the playfield (make sure you save your layout! --next time load with -l [file.layout]).


RGB Show creation using image sequences (and real-time preview):


This has been tested with Williams machines and PDB boards. Both switch number types are supported


You will need:

  1. A SkeletonGame installation (which includes pyOSC and an OSC mode with RGB support): (or you can add the OSC mode it provides to your working PyProcGame based game).

  2. wxPython.