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Maybe I'm missing something here, but I can't seem to save a column defined as LongType

              <ColumnFamily Name="MyTest"
                CompareSubcolumnsWith="BytesType" />

Here is the PHP code:

if (!PandraCore::auto('')) {

//super column name is a timestamp, and compare with longtype, so column names are sorted by time
$superName = time();
$keyId = '101';
$cfName = 'testCF';
$sc = new PandraSuperColumn($superName, $keyId, $cfName);

I got this error back:

[0] => TException: A long is exactly 8 bytes

Does Pandra convert an integer to long type Thrift expects?


No it's not implemented yet, but depending on your architecture it can be set via pack() ...

eg: 32-bit big-endian :
$time = pack("NN", time(), 0);

and then to extract, the converse 32-bit unpack...
$timeUnpacked = array_pop(unpack('N', $time));


Sorry there's not a patch yet for this.


Thanks, that worked!

Any plan to support it in the future? it's just a bit strange to deal with byte stream on a high layer.


There will be a solution in place for the 0.3 release, it's currently only stubbed in the column container class

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