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Max2817 commented Sep 16, 2010

Hi M. Pearson,

Thanks for your php Library, I use and like it. But I have a little problem, I would like to use your example :
"// By pluggable 'Clause'
$c = new PandraColumnFamily();
$c['username'] = 'myuser';
$c['homeAddress'] = ' MY HOUSE ';
$c['phone'] = '987654231';
$c['mobile'] = '011465987';
$c['workAddress'] = ' MY WORK ';

// regex extraction column references ending in 'address'
// (ie: homeAddress and workAddress)
$q = new PandraQuery();
$addresses = $c[$q->Regex('/address$/i')];
foreach ($addresses as $addressColumn) {
echo "QUERIED PATH : ".$addressColumn->value."

But I have this error :
"Catchable fatal error: Object of class PandraQuery could not be converted to string in /Pandra/lib/ColumnContainer.class.php on line 779"

Do you know a way to fix this problem ?

Thanks for your answer,



mjpearson commented Sep 17, 2010

Hi Nicolas, yes I have a fix for that, Query is a work in progress and doesn't work the same way since the last update. To extract columns from an already loaded column family, you need to instantiate a 'PandraClause' type (lib/query/Clause*.class.php)

The addresses line should be :

$addresses = $c[new PandraClauseRegex('/address$/i')];

I'll update the documentation, sorry for the confusion

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