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Encoder for unicode to RTF 1.5 command sequences
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Unicode to RTF command code conversion

This module implements an encoder for unicode to RTF 1.5 command sequences; it can be used to generate valid RTF output with international characters.

Importing this module adds a new rtfunicode codec, allowing you to encode unicode strings to valid RTF bytecode sequences:

>>> import rtfunicode
>>> u'RTF and unicode mix just fine! \u263A'.encode('rtfunicode')
'RTF and unicode mix just fine! \\u9786?'

The RTF command code for a unicode character is uN?, where N is a signed 16-bit integer and the ? is a placeholder character for older RTF readers. This module sets the latter to the '?' literal for simlicity's sake.


This encoder does not support officially unicode outside the BMP (codepoints u0000-uffff). If you do pass in codepoints beyond this point, behaviour depends on wether or not you have a python interpreter compiled with UCS-2 or UCS-4; the former will translate such codepoints using a surragate pair in platform-dependent ordering, but with UCS-4, encoding using 'strict' will raise a UnicodeEncodeError exception.

In any case, the RTF standard does not specify how codepoints outside the BMP should be handled.


  • Python 2.4 or newer (including python 3.x)


The project code is hosted on GitHub, feel free to report issues, fork the code and issue pull requests.


BSD (simplified), see: LICENSE.txt


Martijn Pieters <>

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