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RRPN in pytorch 1.0 ----- Arbitrary-Oriented Scene Text Detection via Rotation Proposals
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RRPN in pytorch, which is implemented into facebook's benchmark: Its caffe version can be viewed at:

alt text


  • From original repo: In pytorch 1.0, Somehow faster than original repo in both training and inference.
  • Training and evaluation checked: Testing in IC15 with training data in {IC13, IC15, IC17mlt}, and receives Fscore of 83% vs. 81% in caffe repo.
  • What's new: RRoI Pooling is replaced with RRoI Align(bilinear interpolation for sampling), FPN structure supported, easy to change various backbones for different purposes.


Check for installation instructions.

Configuring your dataset

  • Your dataset path can be set in $RRPN_ROOT/maskrcnn_benchmark/config/ We implemented interface for {IC13, IC15, IC17mlt, LSVT, ArT} for common use(Start from line 96):
 "RRPN_train": {  # including IC13 and IC15
                # 'IC13': 'Your dataset path',
            "split": 'train'
  • Add your dataset? You need to form a dict array as follows:
im_info = {
    'gt_classes': your class_id array,
    'max_classes': your class_id array,
    'image': path to access one image,
    'boxes': rotate box in {cx, cy, w, h, θ},
    'flipped': Not supported, just False, 
    'gt_overlaps': overlaps fill with 1 (gt with gt),
    'seg_areas': H * W for an rbox,
    'height': height of an image,
    'width': width of an image,
    'max_overlaps': overlaps fill with 1 (gt with gt),
    'rotated': just True

Examples can be seen in $RRPN_ROOT/maskrcnn_benchmark/data/ Your data API should be add to the variable DATASET:

    'Your Dataset Name': 'Your Dataset API'


# create your data cache directory
mkdir data_cache
# In your root of RRPN
python tools/ --config-file=configs/rrpn/e2e_rrpn_R_50_C4_1x_ICDAR13_15_17_trial.yaml
  • Multi-GPU phase is not testing yet, be careful to use GPU more than 1.


  • Using $RRPN_ROOT/demo/ to test images you want. The demo will generate a text for your detected coodinates.
  • Showing the detected image by ture the variable vis to True.


  • Enjoy it with all the codes.
  • Citing us if you find it work in your projects.
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