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A forked copy of Hebcal perpetual Jewish Calendar
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A perpetual Jewish Calendar

by Danny Sadinoff
portions by Michael J. Radwin


Hebcal is a program which prints out the days in the Jewish calendar for a given gregorian year. Hebcal is fairly flexible in terms of which events in the Jewish calendar it displays. Each of the following can be individualy turned on or off:

  • The Hebrew date
  • Jewish Holdiays (including Yom Ha'atzmaut and Yom HaShoah etc.)
  • The weekly Sedrah
  • The day of the week
  • The days of the Omer


Copyright (C) 1994-2011 Danny Sadinoff
Portions Copyright (c) 2011 Michael J. Radwin. All Rights Reserved.

Hebcal is distributed under the GNU Public License. The program and its source code may be freely distributed. For details, see the file COPYING in the distribution.

If you are going to use this program, please drop me a line. I'd like to know who you are, what version you're using, and how you're using hebcal, and anything else you'd like to tell me, so that I can adjust the program to meet users' needs.

I am NOT demanding payment for the use of my program, but writing this program DID take time. The "free" in the GNU public license refers to distribution, not necessarily payment. Feel free to send $10 or multiples of $18 or just a postcard to me at my US Mail address (email me for it).

  send email to:
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