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IMAPClient was created by Menno Finlay-Smits <>. The project is now maintained by Nicolas Le Manchet and Menno Finlay-Smits.

Many thanks go to the following people for their help with this project:

  • Maxime Lorant
  • Mathieu Agopian
  • Chris Arndt
  • Jp Calderone
  • John Louis del Rosario
  • Dave Eckhardt
  • Eben Freeman
  • Helder Guerreiro
  • Mark Hammond
  • Johannes Heckel
  • Thomas Jost
  • Lukasz Mierzwa
  • Naveen Nathan
  • Brian Neal
  • Phil Peterson
  • Aviv Salem
  • Andrew Scheller
  • Thomas Steinacher
  • Zac Witte
  • Hans-Peter Jansen
  • Carson Ip
  • Jonny Hatch
  • Jasper Spaans
  • Fabio Manganiello
  • Samir M
  • Devin Bayer
  • Mantas Mikulėnas
  • zrose584
  • Michał Górny
  • François Deppierraz
  • Jasper Spaans
  • Boni Lindsley
  • Tobias Kölling
  • pinoatrome
  • Shoaib Ahmed