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Thanks go to the following people for their help with this project.
Helder Guerreiro
- capability checks
- logout command
- status command
- lsub command
Jp Calderone
The contents of imapclient/ and associated tests have been
taken from the Twisted project ( This
functionality was written by Jp Calderone.
Mark Hammond (mhammond _AT_
Much work related to response parsing and many bug reports.
Thomas Jost (schnouki _AT_
FETCH modifiers patch.
Johannes Heckel
OAUTH and IDLE support.
Andrew Scheller
"normalise_times" support.
Brian Neal
Gmail labels methods.
Dave Eckhardt
Stream connection support.
Zac Witte
OAUTH2 support.
Lukasz Mierzwa
THREAD support.
Mathieu Agopian
Significant Python 3 porting contributions.
John Louis del Rosario
Gmail search support (X-GM-RAW).
Naveen Nathan
ENVELOPE FETCH response parsing.
Chris Arndt
Pass-through imaplib kwargs.
Initial STARTTLS and improved TLS support.
Phil Peterson
OAUTH2 improvements.
Thomas Steinacher
NIL handling fixes.
Socket timeout support.
Eben Freeman
ID support
Aviv Salem
PLAIN authentication support
Bug Reports
Brian Jackson
Neil Martinsen-Burrell
Mark Eichin (eichin _AT_
Fergal Daly (fergal _AT_
Bob Yexley (bob _AT_
Rhett Garber
Erik Quaeghebeur
Benjamin Morrise
Brandon Rhodes
Thomi Richards
Ivan Zderadicka
Raffael Vogler
External Projects
IMAPClient uses Michael's excellent 'Mock' package.
IMAPClient includes Benjamin Peterson's 'six' library to help achieve
cross-version Python compatibility.
Other Contributions
Nylas supports development of IMAPClient.
The project was started while the author was working at NetBox Blue.