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Accommodate IDLE livetest for slow servers

Some servers show big delays in delivering IDLE notifications.

Fixes #261
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NicolasLM committed Nov 30, 2017
1 parent cf62d40 commit 1fdb4f9c5cd019873dd4e5aeaf7cb9759d767924
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@@ -467,7 +467,16 @@ def test_idle(self):
client2.append(self.base_folder, SIMPLE_MESSAGE)

# Check for the idle data
responses = self.client.idle_check(timeout=5)
# Notification can take a while to arrive. In the meantime we may
# receive some keep alive like (b'OK', b'Still here') that
# maintain the TCP connection opened.
start_time = time.time()
responses = []
while time.time() - start_time < 60:
responses = self.client.idle_check(timeout=10)
if (1, b'EXISTS') in responses:

text, more_responses = self.client.idle_done()
self.assertIn((1, b'EXISTS'), responses)
@@ -476,19 +485,19 @@ def test_idle(self):
self.assertTrue(isinstance(more_responses, list))

# Check for IDLE data returned by idle_done()

# Gmail now delays updates following APPEND making this
# part of the test impractical.
if self.is_gmail():

client2.append(self.base_folder, SIMPLE_MESSAGE)
time.sleep(2) # Allow some time for the IDLE response to be sent
time.sleep(10) # Allow some time for the IDLE response to be sent
text, responses = self.client.idle_done()

if not responses:
# The append was not yet picked by the other connection.
# This happens with some servers.

self.assertIn((2, b'EXISTS'), responses)
self.assertTrue(isinstance(text, binary_type))
self.assertGreater(len(text), 0)

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