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* Drop ez_setup, it is very unlikely someone still uses it
* Only install `mock` to run tests on Python 2.7
* Don't override unittest discovery command
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Unit Tests
There are comprehensive unit tests for the server response parser and
a number of other parts of the code. These tests use the unittest2
package which is also included as the standard unittest package in
Python 2.7 and 3.2 onwards.
Running Unit Tests
To run the tests run::
To run the tests, from the root of the package source run::
python test
from the root of the package source. This will install the Mock
package (locally) if it isn't already installed as it is required for
many of the tests.
Where unittest2 is included in the standard library (eg. Python 2.7
and 3.2+) you can also run all unit tests like this (from the root
directory of the IMAPClient source)::
python -m unittest discover
Alternatively, if unittest2 is installed separately use the unit2
script (for Unix-like systems) or the script::
unit2 discover discover
Testing Against Multiple Python Versions
When submitting a Pull Request to IMAPClient, tests are automatically ran
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