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Node-Red node for working with Transmission remote API
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A set of Node Red nodes to access the Transmission torrent client remote API


Depends on nodejs package transmission v0.4.9:

Nodes Defined (3)

  1. Transmission List Torrents:

  2. Transmission Add Torrent:

    • Adds a new torrent via the config panel URL field or msg.url payload value containing a .torrent file or a magnet URL reference.
    • Returns a single instance of the RPC JSON data in msg.payload with a msg.topic of '/transmission.v1/torrentAdd'
    • See the 3.3 Torrent Accessors section of the RPC-Spec (
  3. Transmission Remove Torrent:

    • Remove a torrent from download queue
    • NOTE : This does not trash torrent data i.e. does not remove it from disk
    • Remove a torrent via the hashString value of a torrent in Transmission using 'msg.ids'.
    • Returns an empty object in msg.payload with a msg.topic of '/transmission.v1/torrentRemove'
    • See the 3.3 Torrent Accessors section of the RPC-Spec (

To Do

  1. Add the other Transmission functions from

Authors & Contributors

  • Jay Long - Author for the Initial build - jlong23
  • Miguel Coquet - Corrections & Bugfixes - mcoquet
  • Mark Funston - Further Documentation and Enhancements - mlfunston


This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details


v0.1.0 (latest)

  • Updated minor release version
  • Added various documentation
  • Included code fixes to allow url to be sent to the add torrent function via msg.url
  • Moved the nodes to the 'transmission' category
  • Added Features:
    • Remove Torrent


  • Original release version
  • Features:
    • List Torrents
    • Add Torrent
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