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@@ -162,6 +162,10 @@ \section{Design}\label{sec:design}
+In order to monitor the status of individual parking spaces in a lot or garage we need reliable, low cost hardware
+The TelosB mote was chosen to monitor
This should cover the physical hardware we used in building this.
Including (but not limited to):
@@ -174,17 +178,6 @@ \subsection{Hardware}
At least one pictures of the telosb, the sensors, or the telosb with sensor
-% from proposal
-We would like 6 TelosB/Tmote Sky sensors (2 for sensor testing and 4 for
-development to build a non-trivial routing topology).
-It would also be interesting to use a Mica family board with the MTS310CA
-(magnetometer) sensor board, to test vehicle detection with a magnetometer,
-though not strictly required as we can find other sensors to use.
-Alternatively, if we can interface a magnetometer with the TelosB/Tmote Sky
-mote board that could be used instead of a Mica family board.
-% end from proposal
\subsection{Collection Software}
Yup we had software.

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