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@@ -11,6 +11,18 @@ The basic directory structure is as follows:
* - this file!
* doc - all documents/presentations generated for this project
+ * proposal - original project proposal document source
+ * demo_i - first demo presentation slides
+ * demo_ii - second demo presentation slides
+ * demo_iii - final presentation slides (PowerPoint and PDF)
+ * paper - find project report document source
* src - source code for this project
- * frontend - front-end code for displaying the status to end users
+ * ParkingGarage - source for Parking Garage motes with sonar sensors
+ * Gateway - bridge between the sensor network and the AppEngine instance
+ * aggregator - backend and frontend code for the AppEngine instance
+ * BaseStation - virturally identical to BaseStation source from TinyOS
+Source directories each have their own README file with further information
+about the component.
+A video demonstration is noted in the final report.
12 src/aggregator/
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+# README for Aggregator #
+This directory contains the source code for the AppEngine aggregator
+software. The world-accessible interface is contained within the
+file. The data store model is stored in Interaction with the
+data store is mostly contained within the file. Default
+templates are stored in templates/, the implementation of the geomodel is
+contained in the geomodel/ directory, and frontend helper files are in the
+media/ directory.
+To run this software you will need to have the Google AppEngine software
+installed on your computer or to upload it to an AppEngine instance.
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