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+The Internet, in its current form, provides up to the minute updates on
+traffic conditions and can provide motorists with detailed mapping and
+directions for nearly any destination.
+However, once the driver arrives at their destination, they must wander and
+search for a parking space, wasting fuel and time, as well as causing
+traffic buildups and unnecessary expulsion of greenhouse gasses.
+By introducing Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) into the process, drivers can
+be provided with up to the minute updates about parking at a frequency and
+cost lower than current implementations.
+Currently, expensive induction loops or other, more permanent systems must
+be installed, typically only at the entrance and exit to a parking
``Intelligent Transportation Systems'' (ITS) are a mix of systems that
gather various data metrics from transportation areas (parking lots,
streets, alleyways, etc.), aggregate this data together, and present
@@ -375,7 +388,25 @@ \subsubsection{Frontend}
-Paragraph about experiments that show our system works.
+Since our system was split into two major components, we were able to test
+both somewhat independently.
+The first component included physically sensing the vehicle and relaying
+the data to the backend.
+The second component involved testing the backend works for extended
+periods of time and correctly logs/recalls historical data.
+\subsection{Sensing and Sending}
+Discussion of how sensing and sending was tested
+\subsection{Backend and Frontend}
+Discussion of how the simulator tested the backend and any problems that
+arose from it.
+% Couldn't really test large scale deployment of sensor backend since we
+% had limited resources with respect to actual motes, funds to purchase
+% sonar sensors, building containers to house the sensors overnight, and
+% the ability to gather data over an extended period of time.
\section{Related Work}\label{sec:related}
@@ -434,7 +465,6 @@ \section{Conclusions and Future Work}\label{sec:conclusions}
Conclusions from this project.
-% \section{References}

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