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2007-03-27 Max Caceres <>
* wrapped pcap_sendpacket for sending packets in all platforms.
2005-12-09 Max Caceres <>
* open_live doesn't raise an exception anymore when network/netmask information is not available (i.e. when sniffing on devices without an assigned IP address). Reported by Scott Raynel.
2005-09-14 Max Caceres <>
* fixed bug where exceptions thrown inside a callback where not handled properly. Fix relies on fairly new pcap_breakloop function.
* in Windows uses findalldevs() packaged with new Winpcap 3.1
2005-08-15 Max Caceres <>
* fixed bug where getnet() and getmask() always returned (reported by Jeff Connelly)
2005-07-28 Max Caceres <>
* fixed a memory leak in PythonCallback (reported by fraca7 _at_
2004-01-05 Javier Kohen <>
* force linking with G++ when using GCC, to avoid a missing symbol in some setups.
2003-11-28 Javier Kohen <>
* Fixed self.bind variable having the same name than a method.