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Raspberry Pi Background System Monitor For Shutdown and Program Admin

The intent is this is started in background as cron job and can start and stop the system

To use this monitor define the leds near allLeds array and the switches near allSwitches array The following are the default jumpers/switches and status LED required for some features

- Pins 40 & 39:  A normally open 'reset'/'reboot' switch 
- Pins 30 & 29:  A jumper that when installed allows auto-start of your app
- Pins 26 & 25:  A Status LED that gives feedback to the user. 
                 USE A RESISTOR and have cathode to pin 25 which is ground.
- Pin  22        This is used by the Ubiquity Robotics kernel for a shutdown
                 but this program does not know about that ability.

Typical Usage

When setup with the 'statusLed', 'resetSwitch', and 'autostartJumper' these things can be used

- Feedback on script operation.
  o On Powerup the statusLed will go from off to a couple short blinks and then
    left on to mean linux is up.

- Reboot or full shutdown 
  o Reboot is done by a press and hold reset switch until you see statusLed blink
    (about 3 sec) then release the switch.  This will then cause a 'shutdown -r' in linux
    Just before the shutdown you will see 6 or so short blinks and the led will turn off
  o Press and hold reset switch till you see several short blinks and then long 1 sec blinks.
    Release the switch after at least one long 1 second blinks for a 'shutdown -h now' 
    Just before the full shutdown (halt) happens several medium blinks
    the led will turn off at shutdown but note the Pi often can take several seconds
    to shutdown so wait 5 seconds after the RED sysMonitor led and note the Pi green led
    has stopped blinking prior to removal of power for a clean shutdown.

- AutoStart Your Application
  o See the Customization note below if you want to start your code at bootup and 
    stop your code prior to this script doing a shutdown.
  o The autostartJumper when installed at boot will start your code automagically
  You would see several short blinks then 3 or so medium blinks then your code starts

- There are some other modes not documented here so look at the script
  o sysMonitor can monitor for lost processes you care about and auto-reboot if desired
    That has not been tested for a while so verify on your own.

Installation Of The system monitor

- make a folder in /home/yourUserName/config 
- In the config folder form two folders called called 'logs' and one called 'bin'
- Place this script in /home/yourUserName/config/bin
- As root edit /etc/rc.local and have this line at the end just before the exit 0 line
  python /home/ubuntu/config/bin/  (There are other ways to do this)

For starting a ROS node as root we must add to /.bashrc the general and our own ROS env to run roslaunch. To do this I suggest as root you add to the end of roots ~/.bashrc these lines (second line is user specific ROS env)

source /opt/ros/kinetic/setup.bash
source /home/ubuntu/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

Running a ROS node as Root on startup using autostart script if was started in rc.local

Start system monitor utility by python /home/ubuntu/config/bin/

Customization of GPIO lines and other features

- Edit and set resetSwitch to your reset switch GPIO line
- Edit and set statusLed to your GPIO line that will drive an LED with resistor
  where a high turns on the LED
- If you want to autostart anything:
   o define an autostartJumper GPIO line if you want a jumper to do the start
   o Form executable script in /home/yourUserName/config/bin/startSystemScript
   o Form executable script in /home/yourUserName/config/bin/stopSystemScript

Features triggered by existance of special files in a config folder

Some of these are used and set by config_server process so maintain this AND config_server for changes!

-     Causes a stop of system and reboot if it appears as this script is running
                          Will not happen within a deadtime after this script first starts
-        Just do continuous display test and do not start the system
-       Causes this monitor to not start the the system.  File is NOT removed by script.
-     Causes this monitor to not auto-restart the system when some processes are missing
-         Causes this monitor stop the system. File is removed as this is done.
-       Causes a stop of system and reboot if it appears some time after script start
-        Causes a stop of the monitor but not the system. File is removed on exit. 
- Touched if reset is pressed so main does not update leds for a while
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