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MyTPL - Location-aware Mobile Search using PHP-YAZ and IUI
System Requirements
Minimum server requirements:
* PHP >= 5.x with XSL and DOM extensions installed
* IndexData's PHPYAZ extension (requires YAZ) <>
* Apache or Microsoft IIS
* Operating system: Any OS that supports the above software
1. Extract the MyTPL archive to the desired location in your web
documents directory.
2. Ensure that the covers/ and records/ directories are writeable by
your web server.
3. Edit $connect_string in search.php to point to your library's
Z39.50 interface; eg. hostname:port/database
4. To enable correct branch/item location, some modification will be
required to codes.php (an array of lat/long locations for branches)
and functions.php around lines 50-70. These will depend on what holdings
information is available (if any) in the MARCXML response provided by
the ILS' Z39.50 implementation.
5. You may wish to modify image.php to provide necessary API keys for
retrieving cover art and music descriptions.
6. You'll probably want to modify img/mytpl-alpha.png for your project.
7. Enjoy!