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MyTPL - Location-aware Mobile Search using PHP-YAZ and IUI
MyTPL is a proof-of-concept web application that uses PHP-YAZ to search
a Z39.50 catalogue interface, translates the responses using XML/XSLT,
and presents the results in a mobile UI using the IUI toolkit. It uses
the HTML Geolocation Javascript API to provide nearest-copy functionality.
A demonstration instance is maintained (without guarantee) at
but the code is available to any developer looking to integrate these features
with their own library.
MyTPL is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. See the file
LICENSE for the complete terms of this license.
Anyone is welcome to modify and redistribute MyTPL in entirety or parts
according to the terms of this license. The author also welcomes patches for
improvements or bug fixes to the software.
See the file INSTALL for complete installation instructions.
GitHub is the recommended method of contacting the author or providing code
submissions / improvements.
GitHub: <>
Email: <>