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A wallpaper template for themer. Here's a preview rendered using themer's default color set (themer-colors-default):

desktop dark desktop light

Installation & usage

Install this module wherever you have themer installed:

npm install themer-wallpaper-octagon

Then pass themer-wallpaper-octagon as a -t (--template) arg to themer:

themer -c my-colors.js -t themer-wallpaper-octagon -o gen

themer-wallpaper-octagon will generate SVG wallpapers to the output directory (gen/ in this example).

Default resolutions

By default, themer-wallpaper-octagon will output wallpapers at the following sizes:

  • 2880 by 1800 (desktop)
  • 750 by 1334 (device)

Custom resolutions

themer-wallpaper-octagon adds the following argument to themer:


to which you would pass <width>x<height>. For example, to forego the default resolutions and generate two wallpapers, one 1024 by 768 and one 320 by 960:

themer -c my-colors.js -t themer-wallpaper-octagon --themer-wallpaper-octagon-size 1024x768 --themer-wallpaper-octagon-size 320x960 -o gen
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