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RIPWHINE - an easy-to-use single purpose ripper and encoder

Requires musicbrainzngs

Not configurable, you can set the destination dir in the UI.

Originally a one-day hack job, but I guess it keeps improving slowly


$ python install

Launch with ./ripwhine

The menu is pretty self-evident, and works without pressing enter between commands.

Feel free to experiment with it, it can't break anything!


There's a format to how ripped files are stored, based on my view (that I was told about as a kid) that CDs are organized by artists alphabetically and discs by year.

The output is a directory for the artist, and sub-directories for discs named "Year - Album Name."

The year might be a bit tricky when using the shell to play music so a symlink is set up for the album as well.

Next to the flacs is a file with the disc id used for identification.

Apps like Rhythmbox probably don't care, or might read the files in twice, or whatever. Can't say I'm affected by that because I use mplayer ;)

cdparanoia runs with -X so it aborts on fatal errors.

lame runs with --best because it seems reasonable.


  • Insert CD
  • i for identify
  • r for rip

Exchange a new CD in and GOTO 10


Would be nice if:

  • we were tied to the optical drive's events to automatically identify discs
  • better output from cdparanoia and flac

An original vision was that ripwhine would create a list of your music. That didn't make it during the day and should be easy enough to implement later using os.path.walk() or a separate software, because of the id files.


I'm quite sure it was sph who told me about organizing discs.

Props to part for pointing me at musicbrainz to replace freedb.


Email me at or whatever.


Everyone is permitted to fork and modify and redistribute the code as long as the original author's name is visible somewhere.

If you got good ideas, push them back plz.

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