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[README] Removing superfluous `do`.

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harold committed Jan 27, 2018
1 parent 3228db9 commit 100839f1db54d8e10012fc1859ed9ad106179293
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@@ -76,10 +76,9 @@ to the top header row, then save the spreadsheet.
["Bar Widget" 200]])
sheet (select-sheet "Price List" wb)
header-row (first (row-seq sheet))]
(set-row-style! header-row (create-cell-style! wb {:background :yellow,
:font {:bold true}}))
(save-workbook! "spreadsheet.xlsx" wb)))
(set-row-style! header-row (create-cell-style! wb {:background :yellow,
:font {:bold true}}))
(save-workbook! "spreadsheet.xlsx" wb))
### Example: Create a workbook with multiple sheets
@@ -326,5 +325,6 @@ This library includes great contributions from
* [Antti Virtanen]( (lokori)
* [alephyud]( (alephyud)
* [Markku Rontu]( (macroz)
* [Harold]( (harold)
Thank you very much!

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