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Top Ten Things to Learn From Clojure That Will Make You a Better Developer in Any Language

Presentation for Øredev 2011 by Martin Jul.


Clojure is an exciting new language for the Java and .NET platforms.

It is a modern Lisp featuring dynamic meta-programming, transactional memory and cool concurrency concepts that are well suited for the multi-core reality of today.

This talk will present some of its key concepts and innovations:

You will learn how immutability and persistent collections vastly simplify state management. We will explore its concurrency model with Software Transactional Memory. You wil see how Clojure provides a powerful yet simple programming model by separating out the concerns from the OO class concept. Finally, we will see how its meta-programming features enable us to turn Clojure into just the language you need for your application.

Intended audience:

No Clojure background required.

Producing the Syntax Highlighted Code Examples

The project uses the Marginalia tools to produce HTML documentation from the sources. Run cake marg src test to build the documentation that is needed for the presentation.