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ZeroMQ Clojure Tutorial

This is a tutorial to using the ZeroMQ message queue with Clojure.


Read the source and the tests to see examples of using ZeroMQ in Clojure. If you create more examples, please contribute a patch!


In order to use this software, ZeroMQ must be installed. Please refer to its website for details on how to install it: ZeroMQ

You need to install both ZeroMQ and the Java bindings (jzmq).

For installation on Mac OSX I found the following guides to be helpful:

After you have installed these libraries run

lein deps
lein test

You may have to edit the project.clj file to point to the correct location of the ZeroMQ libraries:

;; This sets the 'java.library.path' property
;; so Java can find the ZeroMQ dylib
:native-path "/usr/local/lib"


Copyright (c) 2010 Martin Jul (

This tutorial is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the license terms.

Contact Information and References

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