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Commits on Aug 19, 2012
  1. @kmtracey

    Merge pull request #291 from uruz/ticket18793

    kmtracey committed
    Fixed #18793: Removed duplicate test_head_no_get in generic_views.base
    Thanks uruz.
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
  1. @uruz
  2. @kmtracey

    [py3] Fixed slow path through file_move_safe

    kmtracey committed
    This path is taken on Windows.
  3. @andrewgodwin

    Merge pull request #287 from uruz/ticket18791

    andrewgodwin committed
    Fixed #18791: [py3] Double import of six in django.forms.widgets
  4. @andrewgodwin

    Merge pull request #289 from mjtamlyn/slugify-real-function

    andrewgodwin committed
    Fixed bug in 212b982 -- Removed duplicate code in removetags
  5. @andrewgodwin

    Merge pull request #288 from mjtamlyn/date-list-period

    andrewgodwin committed
    Fixed #3542 -- Add support for changing granularity on ArchiveView.
  6. @mjtamlyn
  7. @mjtamlyn

    Fixed #3542 -- Add support for changing granularity on ArchiveView.

    mjtamlyn committed
    Resolving the concept from a very old ticket in a more class-based-view
  8. @aaugustin
  9. @uruz
  10. @aaugustin

    [py3] Avoided passing a lazy string to urlparse.

    aaugustin committed
    This causes an exception under Python 3.
    Fixed #18776.
  11. @aaugustin

    Introduced force_bytes and force_str.

    aaugustin committed
    This is consistent with the smart_* series of functions and it's going
    to be used by the next commit.
  12. @mjtamlyn @andrewgodwin

    Fixed #17228 -- params context variable is inconsistent

    mjtamlyn committed with andrewgodwin
    Remove the params variable from the context and just put the variables
    in directly.
    This had not been committed previously as the original pattern was used
    in the functional generic views and we wanted consistency between them,
    but django.views.generic.simple.direct_to_template is now gone so we can
    do it 'right'.
  13. @mjtamlyn @andrewgodwin

    Fixed #14516 -- Extract methods from removetags and slugify template …

    mjtamlyn committed with andrewgodwin
    Patch by @jphalip updated to apply, documentation and release notes
    I've documented strip_tags as well as remove_tags as the difference
    between the two wouldn't be immediately obvious.
  14. @mjtamlyn @andrewgodwin

    Fixed #16744 -- Class based view should have the view object in the c…

    mjtamlyn committed with andrewgodwin
    Updated the most recent patch from @claudep to apply again and updated
    the documentation location.
  15. @aaugustin

    [py3] Ported django.utils.safestring.

    aaugustin committed
    Backwards compatibility aliases were created under Python 2.
  16. @andrewgodwin

    Merge pull request #283 from mjtamlyn/ipv6-address-validation

    andrewgodwin committed
    Fixed #18779 -- URLValidator can't validate url with ipv6.
  17. @mjtamlyn

    Fixed #18779 -- URLValidator can't validate url with ipv6.

    mjtamlyn committed
    Validation is reasonably 'soft', as for the ipv4. False positives don't
    matter too much here.
  18. @aaugustin

    [py3] Removed gratuitous use of map/lambda

    aaugustin committed
    that causes a test failure on Python 3 because map returns an iterator.
  19. @aaugustin

    [py3] Stopped attempting to translate bytes.

    aaugustin committed
    That goes actively against the goal of cleaning string handling.
  20. @aaugustin

    [py3] Fixed cache tests.

    aaugustin committed
  21. @aaugustin

    [py3] Fixed backends tests.

    aaugustin committed
  22. @aaugustin

    Cleaned up a test slightly.

    aaugustin committed
    We should catch all exceptions in the thread to ensure it doesn't die
    with an unhandled exception. The type of the exception is already
    checked further in the test.
  23. @aaugustin

    [py3] Added compatibility import of thread/_thread

    aaugustin committed
    This commit fixes the auto-reload of the development server.
    I should have done that change in ca07fda.
  24. @aaugustin

    [py3] Fixed formtools tests.

    aaugustin committed
    Python 3 adds a new pickle protocol. The tests were updated in a way
    that makes it easy to add another pickle protocol, should Python gain
    Thanks Thomas Pelletier for providing an initial version of this patch.
  25. @aaugustin

    Merge pull request #282 from ptone/patch-1

    aaugustin committed
    Corrected docs on setup of JSONResponseMixin example
  26. @aaugustin
  27. @aaugustin

    [py3] Fixed templates tests.

    aaugustin committed
  28. @aaugustin

    Added a warning about the {% url %} syntax change

    aaugustin committed
    at the point where it bites most beginners.
    Refs #18787, #18762, #18756, #18723, #18705, #18689 and several duplicates.
  29. @ramiro

    Made createsuperuser more robust when getting current OS username.

    ramiro committed
    Under some versions of OS X, failure in getting the default system
    locale during the syncdb operation of the auth app were causing hard to
    diagnose problems afterwards.
    No solution based on getpreferredencoding() was chosen because it has
    its own problems with certain combinations of Python and OS X versions
    Thanks prestonsimmons for the report and prestonsimmons and willhardy
    for the initial patch.
    Fixes #16017.
  30. @ptone

    Update docs/topics/class-based-views/index.txt

    ptone committed
    View class does not have a render_to_response method - so does not make sense for this mixin
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. @claudep
  2. @timgraham

    Merge pull request #271 from morty/patch-1

    timgraham committed
    Fixed doc comment in django.contrib.admin example to match the code
  3. @timgraham
  4. @timgraham

    Merge pull request #261 from issackelly/cbv-full-list

    timgraham committed
    Create headings and expand CBV docs so that the "Built-In CBV" docs include a full list.
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