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A view of the [select] modes of transport, revealed by activation, to illustrate the levels/amount/rate of movement across the city.

  • Bike share pods flash when the number of bikes available changes (currently 15 minute intervals)
  • Rail stations change with frequency of service during 15 minute windows (radius changes for heavy rail, opacity changes for light rail)
  • Bus routes traced by shooters (eventually will glow more heavily based on bus frequency)

See @karaml's project pitch at


  • Quasi-realtime data from the Indego bike share API. Historical snapshot courtesy of @jamestyack.
  • GTFS data from SEPTA for the bus routes and rail frequencies


Fork this repository and clone it to your local machine. The latest code is in the gh-pages branch, so be sure to git checkout gh-pages.

To view the piece on your local machine, you have to have a local server running. An easy option for this is to use the SimpleHTTPServer that comes with Python:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

By default, this will start a server on port 8000 (you can specify a different port as a parameter if you want). Open http://localhost:8000 in a Chrome or Firefox.

Windows & Git Bash Notes In the Git Bash terminal, navigate to the project folder and use the command:

python -m http.server 8000