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IoTSyS Gateway Getting Started



  • Clone the project with your mercurial client to your local iotsys-dir
  • Check your environment variables for Java and Gradle and verify the version

Build the project

  • iotsys-dir# gradle clean
  • iotsys-dir# gradle compileJava

Run the gateway in eclipse

  • iotsys-dir# gradle eclipse
  • optional: modify iotsys-gateway/config/devices.xml (Standard config has only virtual devices)
  • Run in iotsys-gateway

Run the gateway using OSGI

  • iotsys-dir# gradle setupFelix
  • optional: iotsys-dir# gradle clearOsgiCache
  • iotsys-dir# gradle deployOsgi
  • iotsys-dir/felix-framework-4.2.0/# java -jar bin/felix.jar

Interact with the gateway