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@@ -3,20 +3,6 @@ IoTSyS is an integration middleware for the Internet of Things. It provides a co
IoTSyS was started within the frame of the FP7 [IoT6]( European research project and is hosted and further maintained by the [Automation Systems Group]( at the [Vienna University of Technology]( It is also supported through the Internet Foundation Austria within the [NetIdee]( open source grants and further developed within the project Secure and Semantic Web of Automation (SeWoA, FFG 840206).
# Google Summer of Code
IoTSyS is part of the TU Wien project portfolio for Google Summer of Code 2016. If you are interested in applying for one of the [IoTSyS project ideas](, please follow the [instructions]( and write your proposal according to the [TU Wien guidance](
In order to demonstrate that you are the right candidate for contributing IoTSyS, do the following:
1. Check out the IoTSyS repository
2. Read the [user and developer guide](
2. Run the IoTSyS integration middleware
3. Open the OBIX lobby in your browser
3. Find the virtual brightness actuator and make a GET request
4. Set the value of the brightness actuator to ''70'' by sending an appropriate PUT request
5. Hand in the HTTP raw requests and responses for the GET (3.) and the PUT (4.) with your application
# Demo - Videos #
## Intro ##

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