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git clone git:// ~/.vim
Create symlinks:
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
Switch to the `~/.vim` directory, and fetch submodules:
cd ~/.vim
git submodule init
git submodule update
To update submodules at a later date:
cd ~/.vim
git submodule foreach git pull origin master
For jslint to work you need to install node, npm and node-jslint
For solarized color scheme to work in gnome terminal check out
Put local configurations in ~/.vimrc-local (ie gist username, api keys
vim pad dir etc)
Useful key mappings:
\tt - browse current file by class/method hierarchy (tagbar)
\nt - toggle NERDtree file browser (NERDtree)
\be - browse current buffers (to switch between open files) (buffexplorer)
\bp - bash prompt here (in current files directory)
\g - ack-grep word under cursor (within current directory)
\qfc - close quickfix window
\qfo - open quickfix window
]q - go to next quickfix error (vim-unimpaired)
[q - go to previous quickfix error (vim-unimpaired)
]g - go to next buffersaurus match (:Bsnext)
[g - go to previous buffersaurus match (:Bsprev)
\ry - run perltidy (perl-support)
\rc - run perlcritic (perl-support)
\nn - create new note
\nl - list notes
\ns - search notes
Installed Plugins (see .vim/bundle directory, managed by pathogen):
abolish, ack, bufexplorer, fugitive, fuzzyfinder, genutils, gist, gnupg, gundo,
fswitch, jekyll, jslint, L9, nerdcommenter, nerdtree, netrw perforce,
perl-support, pylint, repeat, scratch, searchscope, showmarks, sparkup,
speeddating, surround, tagbar, unimpaired, vimoutliner, vim-perl,
vim-pythontextobj, vim-colors-solarized