Filtering API

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Note: filtering does not work at GWT yet. It will be covered in next release.

Data filtering can be achieved by following methods:

  • GdxFIRDatabase#orderBy
  • GdxFIRDatabase#filter

Order by

You have following order-by modes to work with:

  • OrderByMode.ORDER_BY_CHILD
  • OrderByMode.ORDER_BY_KEY
  • OrderByMode.ORDER_BY_VALUE

These modes are equivalents of firebase order by methods. The second argument of the orderBy method is optional so it can be null. It is useful only for ORDER_BY_CHILD mode for specifying the child name.


You have following filter types to work with:

  • FilterType.LIMIT_FIRST
  • FilterType.LIMIT_LAST
  • FilterType.START_AT
  • FilterType.END_AT
  • FilterType.EQUAL_TO

These types are equivalents of firebase limiting/filtering methods. In contrast to the order-by, you can combine multiple filters with one query. The types: START_AT, END_AT, and EQUAL_TO are dependent on current order-by mode. You can read more about it in firebase sdk docs or take a look at following examples.


  • A filter method second argument should be one of the following types: String, Double, Boolean otherwise exception will be thrown.
  • You can use filtering API only when you try to fetch List otherwise the exception will be thrown.
  • Remember that you have to use only one order by clause for one query.


Limiting items

    .filter(FilterType.LIMIT_FIRST, 2)
    .readValue(List.class, new DataCallback<List<Item>>(){

Get docs which have key between 2 and 3

    .orderBy(OrderByMode.ORDER_BY_KEY, null)
    .filter(FilterType.START_AT, "2")
    .filter(FilterType.END_AT, "3")
    .readValue(List.class, new DataCallback<List<Item>>(){
        // ...

Ordering by POJO field

    .orderBy(OrderByMode.ORDER_BY_CHILD, "some_field")
    .onDataChange(List.class, new DataChangeListener<List<Item>>(){
        // ...
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