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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import itertools as it, operator as op, functools as ft
from collections import namedtuple
import os, sys, logging
import asyncio, signal, contextlib
import subprocess, re
import evdev, yaml
from evdev import ecodes
from evdev import uinput
example_conf_str = '''\
## Run e.g. "evtest /dev/input/event..." to see all evdev events and key names
## "evdev-event -> keypress(es)" mappings
## Format: ev_name ["<"|">"|"="]value: key-1 [key-2 ...]
## Keys should be space-separated, in evdev notation.
## All space-separated keys are pressed simultaneously, while key-lists
## wrapped in sequence are sent one after another (see BTN_EAST example).
ABS_RX <-30_000: left
ABS_RX >30_000:
key: right
timings: {repeat: 0} # override for just this one key, same as "timings" section below
ABS_RY <-30_000: up
ABS_RY >30_000: down
ABS_HAT0Y -1: w
ABS_HAT0Y 1: s
ABS_HAT0X -1: a
ABS_HAT0X 1: d
BTN_EAST 1: [leftshift a, leftshift s, leftshift d]
BTN_WEST 1: leftctrl leftshift equal
BTN_NORTH 1: leftctrl minus
BTN_SOUTH 1: [t,y,p,i,n,g,space,t,e,s,t,enter]
timings: # can be overidden for specific actions in the "map" section
hold: 0.02 # how long to "hold" each set of pressed keys
delay: 0.02 # delay between sequential keypresses, e.g. [q,w,e,r,t,y]
repeat: 0.25 # min delay before processing event of the same type (debouncing)
use-xset: true # query/restore keyboard repeat rate on script start/exit
'''.replace('\t', ' ')
act_value_checks = {'=': op.eq, '>':, '<':}
def p(*a, file=None, end='\n', flush=False, **k):
if len(a) > 0:
fmt, a = a[0], a[1:]
a, k = ( ([fmt.format(*a,**k)], dict())
if isinstance(fmt, str) and (a or k)
else ([fmt] + list(a), k) )
print(*a, file=file, end=end, flush=flush, **k)
p_err = lambda *a,**k: p(*a, file=sys.stderr, **k) or 1
class AttrDict(dict):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(AttrDict, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
for k, v in self.items():
assert not getattr(self, k, None)
if '-' in k: self[k.replace('-', '_')] = self.pop(k)
self.__dict__ = self
class LogMessage(object):
def __init__(self, fmt, a, k): self.fmt, self.a, self.k = fmt, a, k
def __str__(self): return self.fmt.format(*self.a, **self.k) if self.a or self.k else self.fmt
class LogStyleAdapter(logging.LoggerAdapter):
def __init__(self, logger, extra=None):
super(LogStyleAdapter, self).__init__(logger, extra or {})
def log(self, level, msg, *args, **kws):
if not self.isEnabledFor(level): return
log_kws = {} if 'exc_info' not in kws else dict(exc_info=kws.pop('exc_info'))
msg, kws = self.process(msg, kws)
self.logger._log(level, LogMessage(msg, args, kws), (), log_kws)
get_logger = lambda name: LogStyleAdapter(logging.getLogger(name))
Action = namedtuple('Act', 'key_codes opts')
async def event_loop(loop, conf, evdev_list):
exit_code, readers, queue = 0, list(), asyncio.Queue(loop=loop)
with contextlib.ExitStack() as stack:
for p in evdev_list:
dev = stack.enter_context(
contextlib.closing(evdev.InputDevice(p)) )
readers.append(loop.create_task(evdev_reader(dev, queue)))
ui = stack.enter_context(uinput.UInput())
xev_emu = loop.create_task(run_xev_emu(loop, conf, queue, ui))
def sig_handler(code):
nonlocal exit_code
exit_code = code
for sig, code in ('SIGINT', 1), ('SIGTERM', 0):
loop.add_signal_handler(getattr(signal, sig), ft.partial(sig_handler, code))
with contextlib.suppress(asyncio.CancelledError): await xev_emu
for reader in readers: reader.cancel()
return exit_code
Event = namedtuple('Ev', 'ev dev')
async def evdev_reader(dev, queue):
while True:
ev_list = await dev.async_read()
for ev in ev_list: queue.put_nowait(Event(ev, dev))
async def run_xev_emu(loop, conf, queue, ui):
acts, act_ts = dict(conf.acts.items()), dict()
while True:
e = await queue.get()
# if log.isEnabledFor(logging.DEBUG):
# log.debug('Event: {} = {}', evdev.categorize(e.ev), e.ev.value)
# Get list of actions to run for this event type/code
# There can be >1 (list) because diff actions can be bound to diff values
ev_id = e.ev.code, e.ev.type
if ev_id not in acts:
ev_map_ids = set()
ev_code_map = ecodes.bytype[e.ev.type]
ev_map_id = ev_code_map.get(e.ev.code) or str(e.ev.code)
if isinstance(ev_map_id, str): ev_map_id = [ev_map_id]
for ev_map_id in ev_map_id:
if ev_map_id.startswith('REL_'):
for ev_map_id in ev_map_ids:
act_list = acts.get(ev_map_id)
if act_list: break
else: act_list = None
acts[ev_id] = act_list
act_list = acts[ev_id]
if not act_list: continue
# Run all actions that have matching event value
for act in act_list:
(v_func, v_chk), act = act
if not act_value_checks[v_func](e.ev.value, v_chk): continue
act_t = conf.t.copy()
act_t.update(act.opts.get('timings') or dict())
act_delay = act_t.get('repeat', 0)
if act_delay > 0:
ts = loop.time()
ts_diff = ts - act_ts.get(ev_id, 0)
if ts_diff < act_delay:
log.debug( 'Ignoring repeated action'
' due to repeat-delay: {:.3f} < {:.3f}', ts_diff, act_delay )
act_ts[ev_id] = ts
first = True
sim_hold, sim_delay = (act_t.get(k, 0) for k in ['hold', 'delay'])
for keys in act.key_codes:
if not first and sim_delay:
await asyncio.sleep(sim_delay)
first = False
await simulate_keys(ui, keys, sim_hold)
async def simulate_keys(ui, keys, hold):
log.debug('Simulating key(s) (hold={:.3f}): {}', hold, keys)
for t, c in keys: ui.write(t, c, 1)
if hold: await asyncio.sleep(hold)
for t, c in keys: ui.write(t, c, 0)
def main(args=None):
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Tool to read/match events'
' from linux evdev and simulate Xorg events.'
' Run without any options to print configuration file example.')
parser.add_argument('evdev', nargs='*',
help='Linux Event Device to read input events from.')
parser.add_argument('-c', '--conf', metavar='path',
help='YAML configuration file with "evdev event -> X event" mappings.')
parser.add_argument('-d', '--debug', action='store_true', help='Verbose operation mode.')
opts = parser.parse_args(sys.argv[1:] if args is None else args)
global log
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG if opts.debug else logging.WARNING)
log = get_logger('main')
if not opts.conf:
p_err( 'ERROR: Configuration file with key'
' mappings must be specified using -c/--conf option.' )
example_title = 'Config file example (YAML):'
hr_fmt = ' {{0}} {{1:^{}s}}{{0}}'.format(len(example_title))
p_err(hr_fmt, ' -'*3, example_title)
p_err(hr_fmt, ' -'*3, 'example end')
return 1
if not opts.evdev:
parser.error('At least one evdev-path argument must be specified')
acts = dict()
with open(opts.conf) as src: conf = yaml.safe_load(src)
for m, act in conf['map'].items():
tc, v = m.split()
if v[0] in act_value_checks: v_func, v = v[0], v[1:]
else: v_func = '='
v, act_opts = yaml.safe_load(v), dict()
if isinstance(act, dict):
act = act_opts.pop('key')
if not isinstance(act, list): act = [act]
for n, keys in enumerate(act):
key_codes = list()
for k in keys.lower().split():
if k.isdigit(): k = int(k)
if not k.startswith('key_'): k = 'key_{}'.format(k)
k = getattr(ecodes, k.upper())
key_codes.append((ecodes.EV_KEY, k))
act[n] = key_codes
acts.setdefault(tc, list()).append(((v_func, v), Action(act, act_opts)))
conf = AttrDict( acts=acts,
t=AttrDict(**conf.get('timings') or dict()),
opts=AttrDict(**conf.get('options') or dict()) )
xset_rate = conf.opts.get('use_xset')
if xset_rate:
xset =['xset', 'q'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, check=True)
for line in xset.stdout.splitlines():
m = r'^\s*auto repeat delay:\s+'
r'(\d+)\s+repeat rate:\s+(\d+)\s*$', line.decode() )
if not m: continue
xset_rate = m.groups()
else: raise OSError('Failed to parse keyboard repeat rate from xset output')
log.debug('Remembering xset rate as: {} {}', *xset_rate)
with contextlib.closing(asyncio.get_event_loop()) as loop:
exit_code = loop.run_until_complete(event_loop(loop, conf, opts.evdev))
if xset_rate:
delay, repeat = map(str, xset_rate)
log.debug('Restoring xset rate back to: {} {}', delay, repeat)['xset', 'r', 'rate', delay, repeat], check=True)
return exit_code
if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main())