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#!/usr/bin/env python
import pathlib as pl, dataclasses as dc
import os, sys, signal, time, unicodedata, json, logging
import prometheus_client as pc
from pysnmp import hlapi as snmp
import pysnmp.error as snmp_err_core
import pysnmp.proto.errind as snmp_err
class LogMessage:
def __init__(self, fmt, a, k): self.fmt, self.a, self.k = fmt, a, k
def __str__(self): return self.fmt.format(*self.a, **self.k) if self.a or self.k else self.fmt
class LogStyleAdapter(logging.LoggerAdapter):
def __init__(self, logger, extra=None): super().__init__(logger, extra or dict())
def log(self, level, msg, *args, **kws):
if not self.isEnabledFor(level): return
log_kws = {} if 'exc_info' not in kws else dict(exc_info=kws.pop('exc_info'))
msg, kws = self.process(msg, kws)
self.logger._log(level, LogMessage(msg, args, kws), (), **log_kws)
get_logger = lambda name: LogStyleAdapter(logging.getLogger(f'prms-snmp.{name}'))
err_fmt = lambda err: '[{}] {}'.format(err.__class__.__name__, err)
def str_part(s, sep, default=None):
'Examples: str_part("user@host", "<@", "root"), str_part("host:port", ":>")'
c = sep.strip('<>')
if sep.strip(c) == '<': return (default, s) if c not in s else s.split(c, 1)
else: return (s, default) if c not in s else s.rsplit(c, 1)
str_norm = lambda v: unicodedata.normalize('NFKC', v.strip()).casefold()
### SNMP bits
class SNMPError(Exception): pass
class SNMPNX(SNMPError): pass
class SNMPTimeout(SNMPError): pass
class SNMPData:
uptime:float; query_time:float; iface_stats:dict
class SNMP:
def __init__( self,
host, port, user, sha_auth_pw, iface_set=None, iface_n_max=10 ):
self.snmp_engine = snmp.SnmpEngine()
self.snmp_auth = snmp.UsmUserData(
user, sha_auth_pw, authProtocol=snmp.usmHMACSHAAuthProtocol )
self.snmp_ctx = snmp.ContextData()
self.log = get_logger('snmp')
# Different retries to make sure reboot doesn't happen in-between queries
ep = host, port
self.snmp_ep_init = snmp.UdpTransportTarget(ep, retries=5, timeout=30.0)
self.snmp_ep_value = snmp.UdpTransportTarget(ep, retries=1, timeout=15.0)
if iface_set and len(iface_set) > iface_n_max: raise ValueError(iface_n_max)
self.iface_set = iface_set
# NETSERVER-MIB::hrSystemUptime
self.oid_uptime = snmp.ObjectType(snmp.ObjectIdentity('.'))
iface_ns = list(range(1, iface_n_max+1))
self.oid_iface_names, self.oid_iface_ingress, self.oid_iface_egress = (
list(snmp.ObjectType(snmp.ObjectIdentity( # IF-MIB::ifXEntry
f'.{k}.{n}' )) for n in iface_ns) for k in [1, 6, 10] )
def _query(self, oid, conv=None, init=False):
snmp_ep = self.snmp_ep_init if init else self.snmp_ep_value
cmd = snmp.getCmd( self.snmp_engine,
self.snmp_auth, snmp_ep, self.snmp_ctx, oid )
try: err_indication, err_st, err_idx, var_list = next(cmd)
except snmp_err_core.PySnmpError as err:
raise SNMPError('SNMP carrier/conn error') # msg is too long here
if err_indication:
if isinstance(err_indication, snmp_err.RequestTimedOut):
raise SNMPTimeout(f'{snmp_ep.retries=} {snmp_ep.timeout=}')
raise SNMPError(err_fmt(err))
if err_st:
raise SNMPError( f'{err_st.prettyPrint()}'
f' [{var_list[int(err_idx)-1] if err_idx else "?"}]' )
if len(var_list) != 1: raise SNMPError(f'Unexpected result structure: {var_list}')
(k, v), = var_list
# print(k.prettyPrint(), type(v), v.prettyPrint())
if isinstance(v, snmp.NoSuchObject): raise SNMPNX(oid)
return conv(v) if conv else v
def query_iface_data(self, iface_set=None):
if iface_set is None: iface_set = self.iface_set
ts0 = time.monotonic()
try: uptime = self._query(self.oid_uptime, int, init=True) / 100
except SNMPError as err: return self.log.debug('Uptime query error: {}', err)
iface_stats, iface_names = dict(), dict((str_norm(iface), iface) for iface in iface_set)
for n, oid_iface in enumerate(self.oid_iface_names):
if iface_set is not None and not iface_names: break # found all ifaces
try: iface_name = self._query(oid_iface, str)
except SNMPNX: break
except SNMPError as err: return self.log.debug('Iface query error: {}', err)
if iface_set is not None:
iface_name = iface_names.pop(str_norm(iface_name), None)
if not iface_name: continue
bs_in = self._query(self.oid_iface_ingress[n], int)
bs_out = self._query(self.oid_iface_egress[n], int)
except SNMPNX: continue # iface is gone
except SNMPError as err: return self.log.debug('Counter query error: {}', err)
iface_stats[iface_name] = bs_in, bs_out
query_time = time.monotonic() - ts0
return SNMPData(uptime, query_time, iface_stats)
### Poller and prometheus collector loop
class SNMPPoller:
def __init__(self, snmp, interval, metric_prefix, spool_file, spool_tmp):
self.snmp, self.interval, self.prefix = snmp, interval, metric_prefix
self.spool_file, self.spool_tmp = spool_file, spool_tmp
self.log = get_logger('poller')
def snmp_spool_parse(self):
data = json.loads(self.spool_file.read_text())
data = SNMPData(**data)
except OSError as err: return
except Exception as err:
self.log.error( 'Unrecognized spool-file'
' structure, discarding [{}]: {}', spool_file, err_fmt(err) )
self.log.debug('Parsed spool data [{}]: {}', self.spool_file, data)
return data
def snmp_spool_dump(self, data):
if isinstance(data, SNMPData): data = dc.asdict(data)
with'w') as tmp:
self.log.debug('Updated spool file [{}]', self.spool_file)
def run_query_loop(self):
# Traffic counter resets are avoided here, if possible,
# by restoring old value from spool-file and tracking all increments from there.
c_query_count = pc.Counter(
'Total number of SNMP queries made', ['result'] )
c_query_time = pc.Histogram(
'Total SNMP querying time, in seconds' )
c_iface_traffic = pc.Counter(
'Total traffic through network interface', ['iface', 'dir'] )
data = self.snmp_spool_parse()
if data:
stats_uptime = data.uptime
stats_last, stats_total = data.iface_stats, dict()
for iface, (bs_in, bs_out) in data.iface_stats.items():
self.log.debug('Init - iface stats [{}]: in={:,} out={:,}', iface, bs_in, bs_out)
stats_total[iface] = [bs_in, bs_out]
c_iface_traffic.labels(iface, 'in').inc(bs_in)
c_iface_traffic.labels(iface, 'out').inc(bs_out)
self.log.debug('Init - blank iface stats')
stats_uptime, stats_last, stats_total = 0, dict(), dict()
while True:
self.log.debug('Running SNMP query...')
data = self.snmp.query_iface_data()
if not data:
self.log.debug(' - query result: fail')
self.log.debug(' - query result: success')
self.log.debug(' - query time: {:,.1f}', data.query_time)
if data.uptime < stats_uptime:
' - query uptime: {:,.0f} -> {:,.0f} [reboot detected]',
stats_uptime, data.uptime )
else: self.log.debug(' - query uptime: {:,.0f}', data.uptime)
stats_uptime = data.uptime
for iface, bs_vals in data.iface_stats.items():
bs_in_old, bs_out_old = stats_last.get(iface, (0, 0))
bs_in, bs_out = stats_last[iface] = bs_vals
inc_in, inc_out = max(0, bs_in - bs_in_old), max(0, bs_out - bs_out_old)
' - iface traffic [{}]: in={:,} [+{:,}] out={:,} [+{:,}]',
iface, bs_in, inc_in, bs_out, inc_out )
for n, (k, inc) in enumerate([('in', inc_in), ('out', inc_out)]):
stats_total[iface][n] += inc
c_iface_traffic.labels(iface, k).inc(inc)
data.iface_stats = stats_total
self.log.debug('Query loop delay: {:,.1f}', self.interval)
### CLI and HTTP server
def main(args=None):
import argparse, textwrap
dd = lambda text: (textwrap.dedent(text).strip('\n') + '\n').replace('\t', ' ')
fill = lambda s,w=90,ind='',ind_next=' ',**k: textwrap.fill(
s, w, initial_indent=ind, subsequent_indent=ind if ind_next is None else ind_next, **k )
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Run prometheus exporter for SNMP network interface bandwidth totals.')
parser.add_argument('snmp_addr_port', help='SNMP host[:port] to query.')
help='File with "user:password" for SNMPv3 SHA1-HMAC authentication.')
parser.add_argument('spool_file', nargs='?',
JSON file to store/track remote uptime and last SNMP values in.
Must be in a writable directory to replace via create/rename.'''))
parser.add_argument('-i', '--iface', action='append', metavar='iface',
Specific interface name(s) to query/export
(default - all of them). Can be used multiple times.'''))
parser.add_argument('-m', '--metric-prefix', metavar='prefix', default='',
Optional prefix for exported prometheus metrics.
For example, with "mikrotik_" prefix, interface traffic counter
value will be "mikrotik_iface_traffic_bytes", while snmp stats
will look like "mikrotik_snmp_query_count" and such.'''))
parser.add_argument('-p', '--print',
action='store_true', help='Query and print data once instead of starting the daemon.')
parser.add_argument('-b', '--bind',
metavar='(host:)port', default='9101',
help='[host:]port to bind data exporter interface to.')
parser.add_argument('-t', '--snmp-poll-interval',
type=float, metavar='seconds', default=13*60,
help='Interval between polling counter values via SNMP, in seconds. Default: %(default)s')
parser.add_argument('--debug', action='store_true', help='Verbose operation mode.')
opts = parser.parse_args(sys.argv[1:] if args is None else args)
logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG if opts.debug else logging.WARNING)
log = get_logger('main')
snmp_user, snmp_pw = pl.Path(opts.snmp_auth_file).read_text().splitlines()[0].split(':', 1)
snmp_host, snmp_port = str_part(opts.snmp_addr_port, ':>')
iface_list = opts.iface
if iface_list: iface_list = list(iface.lower() for iface in iface_list)
snmp = SNMP(snmp_host, snmp_port or 161, snmp_user, snmp_pw, iface_set=opts.iface)
if opts.print:
data = snmp.query_iface_data()
if not data: return print('SNMP query failed')
print( 'Interface byte counters'
f' (uptime={data.uptime:,.0f}s query-time={data.query_time:.1f}s):' )
for iface, (bs_in, bs_out) in data.iface_stats.items():
print(f' {iface}: in={bs_in:,} out={bs_out:,}')
for sig in 'int term'.upper().split():
signal.signal(getattr(signal, f'SIG{sig}'), lambda sig,frm: sys.exit(0))
# Make sure spool paths are ok
if not opts.spool_file:
parser.error('Spool file argument is required in daemon mode')
spool_tmp = pl.Path(opts.spool_file + '.tmp')
spool_file = pl.Path(opts.spool_file)
try: data = json.loads(spool_file.read_text())
except: spool_file.unlink(missing_ok=True) # can be corrupted after restart
host, port = str_part(opts.bind, '<:')
pc.start_http_server(int(port), host or '')
log.debug('Starting poller loop...')
SNMPPoller( snmp,
opts.snmp_poll_interval, opts.metric_prefix,
spool_file, spool_tmp ).run_query_loop()
if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main())