Custom shell+trigger to proxy ssh connection to gitolite user@host through a proxy/bastion host securely and transparently
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Custom shell+trigger to proxy ssh connection to gitolite user@host through a proxy/bastion host securely and transparently.

What it does

In a setup like this one:

|               |
|  dev-machine  ---------------------------+
|               |                          |
+---------------+                          |
      git@gitolite:myrepo     |                   |
  +---------------------------- (gw)  |
  |                           |                   |
+-v-------------------+       +-------------------+
|                     |
|    gitolite (gl)    |
|  host/container/vm  |
|                     |

...where "dev-machine" can't access "gl" (gitolite) host directly, allows fully-transparent access to gitolite via specific user on a "gw" ( host.

E.g. simply do git add remote origin and all the things gitolite will work, without any extra ssh or forwarding configuration on git client machine.

How it works

  • gitolite on gl machine has POST_COMPILE "push-authkeys" trigger installed, which sends public keys from gitolite-admin keydir to gw host (via simple ssh git@gw < keys).

  • git@gw, upon receiving keys (to gitolite-proxy --auth-update command), builds authorized_keys in same exact way as gitolite's ssh-authkeys trigger does, only instead of command="gitolite-shell" it has command="gitolite-proxy" and authorized_keys file is built on gw host.

    Also has one extra key there for git@gl that runs this gitolite-proxy --auth-update command.

  • Aforementioned push-authkeys trigger (from first step), after sending keys to git@gw, makes sure that git@gw key is in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys (in addition to all gitolite-admin keys, if ssh-authkeys is enabled) with a 3-liner "gw-proxy" script to run gitolite-shell <key-id> (reading "key-id" from command passed by gitolite-proxy).

  • Every access to git@gw (using client key) then:

    • Runs gitolite-proxy with key-id argument for that specific key (same as gitolite-shell does).
    • Which does straightforward os.execlp(ssh -qT gl_host_login key-id git-cmd...).
    • Which then runs "gw-proxy" 3-liner script from above on gl host.
    • Which puts "git-cmd" into SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND and does exec gitolite-shell "$key-id", i.e. runs gitolite-shell in the same way as direct ssh to gitolite host would do it.
    • Which then does whatever gitolite is supposed to do for that key and git command.

Installation / setup

  • Install /usr/local/bin/gitolite-proxy on a gw host, updating gl_host_login line in there and useradd -m git there.

  • Run ssh-keygen -t ed25519 as both git@gw and git@gl, add each host to ~/.ssh/known_hosts on the other one.

  • Put following line to ~git/.ssh/authorized_keys.base on gw host, replacing pubkey with ~/.ssh/ from git@gl (split here for readability, must be one line):

    command="/usr/local/bin/gitolite-proxy --auth-update",no-port-forwarding
      ,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding,no-pty ssh-ed25519 AAA...4u3FI git@gl

    Copy that file to authorized_keys and allow git@gw write-access to it (will be updated with keys from git@gl).

  • As git@gl, run ssh -qT git@gw < ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to push gitolite keys to git@gw.

  • Add this to ~git/.gitolite.rc on gl host right before ENABLE line:

    LOCAL_CODE => "$rc{GL_ADMIN_BASE}/local",
    POST_COMPILE => ['push-authkeys'],
  • Commit/push trigger into gitolite-admin repo as local/triggers/push-authkeys, updating gw_proxy_login line in there.

  • Done!

More info on the setup can found in a blog entry at one of these URLs:


  • With this setup in place, "ssh-authkeys" trigger can be disabled in gitolite, which will make it only accessible through git@gw host, and not directly.
  • "push-authkeys" trigger can also be installed on gitolite host without the need to have it in gitolite-admin repo - see docs on gitolite triggers for more details.
  • "gitolite-proxy --auth-update" can accept (to stdin) either ssh authorized_keys built by gitolite's "ssh-authkeys" or simplier format (just keys without ssh-specific cruft) that push-authkeys sends to it.
  • needs python3, uses bash and gawk (GNU awk). Both also use ssh, of course.
  • Paths and some other options can be tweaked in the vars at the top of the scripts.

Other options

Assuming setup from "What it does" section above:

  • Use separate public host/IP for gitolite, e.g. (!=

  • TCP port forwarding or similar tricks.

    Forward ssh port connections in a "gw:22 -> gl:22" fashion, and have gw-specific sshd listen on some other port, if necessary.

    This can be fairly easy to use with something like this for odd-port sshd in ~/.ssh/config:

      Port 1234
      Port 1235

    Can also be configured in git via remote urls like ssh://

  • Use ssh port forwarding to essentially do same thing as above, but with resulting git port accessible on localhost.

  • Configure ssh to use ProxyCommand, which will login to gw host and setup forwarding through it.

One advantage of such lower-level forwarding is that ssh authentication to gitolite is only handled on gitolite host, gw host has no clue about that.