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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import itertools as it, operator as op, functools as ft
import os, sys, re, pathlib, base64, syslog
gl_host_login = ''
gl_proxy_path = '/usr/local/bin/gitolite-proxy'
gl_shell_path = '/usr/lib/gitolite/gitolite-shell'
gl_auth_opts = 'no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding,no-pty'
gl_wrapper_script = '''#!/bin/bash
set -e
read -r key cmd <<< "$SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND"
exec {gl_shell} "$key"
# Journal can handle single mutli-line messages, but syslog can't, hence this
# Also, forwarding of such multi-line stuff to syslog can get funky
def b64(data):
return base64.urlsafe_b64encode(data).rstrip(b'=').decode()
def get_uid_token(chars=4):
assert chars * 6 % 8 == 0, chars
return b64(os.urandom(chars * 6 // 8))
def log_lines(log_func, lines, log_func_last=False, **log_func_kws):
if isinstance(lines, str): lines = list(line.rstrip() for line in lines.rstrip().split('\n'))
uid = get_uid_token()
for n, line in enumerate(lines, 1):
if not isinstance(line, str): line = line[0].format(*line[1:])
line = '[{}] {}'.format(uid, line)
if log_func_last and n == len(lines): log_func_last(line)
else: log_func(line, **log_func_kws)
syslog.openlog('gitolite-proxy', syslog.LOG_PID, syslog.LOG_AUTH)
syslog_line = ft.partial(syslog.syslog, syslog.LOG_WARNING)
syslog_lines = ft.partial(log_lines, syslog_line)
def do_auth_update():
ssh_dir = pathlib.Path('~/.ssh').expanduser()
with (ssh_dir / '').open() as src: ssh_pubkey =
with (ssh_dir / 'authorized_keys.base').open() as src: auth_base =
mark, auth_gitolite = None, list(map(str.strip,
for n, line in enumerate(auth_gitolite):
if mark is None and line == '# gitolite start': mark, line = True, None
elif line == '# gitolite end': mark, line = False, None
if not mark: line = None
if line:
m =
# Two supported input-line formats here:
# - authorized_keys file with "command=... key" lines,
# for manual "ssh git@gw < ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" operation.
# - push-authkeys trigger output with "# gl-push-authkeys: ..." lines.
r'^(command="\S+\s+(?P<id_ssh>[^"]+)".*?|# gl-push-authkeys: ##(?P<id_trigger>.*)##)'
r'\s+(?P<key>(ssh-ed25519|ssh-rsa|ecdsa-sha2-nistp256|ssh-dss)\s+.*)$', line )
if not m:
# Not dumping line itself here to avoid having pubkeys in the logs
syslog_line('Failed to match gitolite ssh-auth line {}'.format(n))
line = None
gl_key, ssh_key = m['id_ssh'] or m['id_trigger'], m['key']
cmd = '{} {}'.format(gl_proxy_path, gl_key).replace('\\', '\\\\').replace('"', r'\"')
auth_opts = ',{}'.format(gl_auth_opts) if gl_auth_opts.strip() else ''
line = 'command="{}"{} {}'.format(cmd, auth_opts, ssh_key)
auth_gitolite[n] = line
auth_gitolite = '\n'.join(filter(None, auth_gitolite))
# Not done via tempfile to avoid allowing rename() in ~/.ssh dir to this uid
with (ssh_dir / 'authorized_keys').open('a+') as dst:
with (ssh_dir / 'authorized_keys.old').open('w') as bak:
dst.write('\n### Gitolite proxy commands\n')
sys.stdout.write('\n'.join([ssh_pubkey, gl_wrapper_script]))
def main(args=None):
sys_argv = sys.argv[1:] if args is None else args
git_cmd = os.environ.get('SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND', '')
if len(sys_argv) != 1:
( 'Invalid git-proxy command line'
' from gitolite authorized_keys file: {!r}', sys_argv ),
('Original ssh command: {!r}', git_cmd) ])
print('git access denied', file=sys.stderr)
return 1
cmd, = sys_argv
# Should only be done by gitolite-admin update hook via special key
if cmd == '--auth-update':
return 0
# Running actual proxy-command
os.execlp('ssh', 'ssh', '-qT', gl_host_login, '{} {}'.format(cmd, git_cmd))
if __name__ == '__main__':
try: code = main()
except Exception as err:
import traceback
['ERROR: Exception while handling ssh login']
+ traceback.format_exc().splitlines() )
code = 1