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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import itertools as it, operator as op, functools as ft
from . import Loop
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class BasicLoop(Loop):
'Simple synchronous "while True: fetch && process && send" loop.'
def start(self, collectors, processors, sinks):
from time import time, sleep
ts = self.time_func()
while True:
data = list()
for name, collector in collectors.viewitems():
log.debug('Polling data from a collector (name: {}): {}'.format(name, collector))
try: data.extend(
except Exception as err:
log.exception( 'Failed to poll collector'
' (name: {}, obj: {}): {}'.format(name, collector, err) )
ts_now = self.time_func()
sink_data = dict() # to batch datapoints on per-sink basis
log.debug('Processing {} datapoints'.format(len(data)))
for dp in it.ifilter(None, (dp.get(ts=ts_now) for dp in data)):
proc_sinks = sinks.copy()
for name, proc in processors.viewitems():
if dp is None: break
try: dp, sinks = proc.process(dp, sinks)
except Exception as err:
log.exception(( 'Failed to process datapoint (data: {},'
' processor: {}, obj: {}): {}, discarding' ).format(dp, name, proc, err))
if dp is None: continue
for name, sink in proc_sinks.viewitems():
try: sink_data[name].append(dp)
except KeyError: sink_data[name] = [dp]
log.debug('Dispatching data to {} sink(s)'.format(len(sink_data)))
if not self.conf.debug.dry_run:
for name, tuples in sink_data.viewitems():
log.debug(( 'Sending {} datapoints to sink'
' (name: {}): {}' ).format(len(tuples), name, sink))
try: sinks[name].dispatch(*tuples)
except Exception as err:
log.exception( 'Failed to dispatch data to sink'
' (name: {}, obj: {}): {}'.format(name, sink, err) )
while ts < ts_now: ts += self.conf.interval
ts_sleep = max(0, ts - self.time_func())
log.debug('Sleep: {}s'.format(ts_sleep))
loop = BasicLoop