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  • class onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveHTTPClient

    Bases: "object"

    • request_extra_keywords = None

      Extra keywords to pass to each "requests.Session.request()" call.

      For full list of these see:

    • request_adapter_settings = None

      Keywords to pass to "requests.adapters.HTTPAdapter" subclass init.

      Only used with later versions of "requests" than 1.0.0 (where adapters were introduced).

      Please do not touch these unless you've read requests module documentation on what they actually do.

    • request_base_headers = None

      Dict of headers to pass on with each request made.

      Can be useful if you want to e.g. disable gzip/deflate compression or other http features that are used by default.

    • request(url, method='get', data=None, files=None, raw=False, raw_all=False, headers={}, raise_for={}, session=None)

      Make synchronous HTTP request.

      Can be overidden to use different http module (e.g. urllib2, twisted, etc).

  • class onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveAuth(**config)

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveHTTPClient"

  • class onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveAPIWrapper(**config)

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveAuth"

    Less-biased OneDrive API wrapper class.

    All calls made here return result of self.request() call directly, so it can easily be made async (e.g. return twisted deferred object) by overriding http request method in subclass.

    • api_url_base = ''

    • api_put_max_bytes = 95000000

      Limit on file uploads via single PUT request, imposed by the API.

      Used to opportunistically fallback to BITS API (uploads via several http requests) in the "put" method.

    • api_bits_url_by_id = 'https://cid-{user_id}{folder_id}/{filename}'

    • api_bits_url_by_path = 'https://cid-{user_id}{user_id}/LiveFolders/{file_path}'

    • api_bits_protocol_id = '{7df0354d-249b-430f-820d-3d2a9bef4931}'

    • api_bits_default_frag_bytes = 10485760

    • api_bits_auth_refresh_before_commit_hack = False

    • __call__(url='me/skydrive', query={}, query_filter=True, auth_header=False, auto_refresh_token=True, **request_kwz)

      Make an arbitrary call to LiveConnect API.

      Shouldn't be used directly under most circumstances.

    • get_quota()

      Get OneDrive object representing quota.

    • get_user_data()

      Get OneDrive object representing user metadata (including user "id").

    • get_user_id()

      Returns "id" of a OneDrive user.

    • listdir(folder_id='me/skydrive', limit=None, offset=None)

      Get OneDrive object representing list of objects in a folder.

    • info(obj_id='me/skydrive')

      Return metadata of a specified object.

      See for the list and description of metadata keys for each object type.

    • get(obj_id, byte_range=None)

      Download and return a file object or a specified byte_range from it.

      See HTTP Range header (rfc2616) for possible byte_range formats,

      Examples: "0-499" - byte offsets 0-499 (inclusive), "-500" - final 500 bytes.

    • put(path_or_tuple, folder_id='me/skydrive', overwrite=None, downsize=None, bits_api_fallback=True)

      Upload a file (object), possibly overwriting (default behavior) a file with the same "name" attribute, if it exists.

      First argument can be either path to a local file or tuple of "(name, file)", where "file" can be either a file-like object or just a string of bytes.

      overwrite option can be set to False to allow two identically- named files or "ChooseNewName" to let OneDrive derive some similar unique name. Behavior of this option mimics underlying API.

      downsize is a true/false API flag, similar to overwrite.

      bits_api_fallback can be either True/False or an integer (number of bytes), and determines whether method will fall back to using BITS API (as implemented by "put_bits" method) for large files. Default "True" (bool) value will use non-BITS file size limit (api_put_max_bytes, ~100 MiB) as a fallback threshold, passing False will force using single-request uploads.

    • put_bits(path_or_tuple, folder_id=None, folder_path=None, frag_bytes=None, raw_id=False, chunk_callback=None)

      Upload a file (object) using BITS API (via several http requests), possibly overwriting (default behavior) a file with the same "name" attribute, if it exists.

      Unlike "put" method, uploads to "folder_path" (instead of folder_id) are supported here. Either folder path or id can be specified, but not both.

      Passed "chunk_callback" function (if any) will be called after each uploaded chunk with keyword parameters corresponding to upload state and BITS session info required to resume it, if necessary.

      Returns id of the uploaded file, as retured by the API if raw_id=True is passed, otherwise in a consistent (with other calls) "file.{user_id}.{file_id}" format (default).

    • mkdir(name=None, folder_id='me/skydrive', metadata={})

      Create a folder with a specified "name" attribute.

      folder_id allows to specify a parent folder.

      metadata mapping may contain additional folder properties to pass to an API.

    • delete(obj_id)

      Delete specified object.

    • info_update(obj_id, data)

      Update metadata with of a specified object.

      See for the list of RW keys for each object type.

    • link(obj_id, link_type='shared_read_link')

      Return a preauthenticated (usable by anyone) link to a specified object. Object will be considered "shared" by OneDrive, even if link is never actually used.

      link_type can be either "embed" (returns html), "shared_read_link" or "shared_edit_link".

    • copy(obj_id, folder_id, move=False)

      Copy specified file (object) to a folder with a given ID. Well- known folder names (like "me/skydrive") don't seem to work here.

      Folders cannot be copied; this is an API limitation.

    • move(obj_id, folder_id)

      Move specified file (object) to a folder.

      Note that folders cannot be moved, this is an API limitation.

    • comments(obj_id)

      Get OneDrive object representing a list of comments for an object.

    • comment_add(obj_id, message)

      Add comment message to a specified object.

    • comment_delete(comment_id)

      Delete specified comment.

      comment_id can be acquired by listing comments for an object.

  • class onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveAPI(**config)

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveAPIWrapper"

    Biased synchronous OneDrive API interface.

    Adds some derivative convenience methods over OneDriveAPIWrapper.

    • resolve_path(path, root_id='me/skydrive', objects=False, listdir_limit=500)

      Return id (or metadata) of an object, specified by chain (iterable or fs-style path string) of "name" attributes of its ancestors, or raises DoesNotExists error.

      Requires many calls to resolve each name in path, so use with care. root_id parameter allows to specify path relative to some folder_id (default: me/skydrive).

    • get_quota()

      Return tuple of (bytes_available, bytes_quota).

    • listdir(folder_id='me/skydrive', type_filter=None, limit=None, offset=None)

      Return a list of objects in the specified folder_id.

      limit is passed to the API, so might be used as optimization.

      type_filter can be set to type (str) or sequence of object types to return, post-api-call processing.

    • copy(obj_id, folder_id, move=False)

      Copy specified file (object) to a folder.

      Note that folders cannot be copied, this is an API limitation.

    • comments(obj_id)

      Get a list of comments (message + metadata) for an object.

  • class onedrive.api_v5.PersistentOneDriveAPI(**config)

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveAPI", "onedrive.conf.ConfigMixin"

    • conf_path_default = '~/.lcrc'

    • conf_update_keys = {'client': set(['secret', 'id']), 'request': set(['base_headers', 'extra_keywords', 'adapter_settings']), 'auth': set(['access_token', 'code', 'access_expires', 'refresh_token'])}

    • from_conf(path=None, **overrides)

      Initialize instance from YAML configuration file, writing updates (only to keys, specified by "conf_update_keys") back to it.

  • exception onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveInteractionError

    Bases: "exceptions.Exception"

  • exception onedrive.api_v5.ProtocolError(code, msg, *args)

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveInteractionError"

    • __init__(code, msg, *args)
  • exception onedrive.api_v5.AuthenticationError

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveInteractionError"

  • exception onedrive.api_v5.AuthMissingError

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.AuthenticationError"

  • exception onedrive.api_v5.APIAuthError

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.AuthenticationError"

  • exception onedrive.api_v5.NoAPISupportError

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveInteractionError"

    Request operation is known to be not supported by the OneDrive API.

    Can be raised on e.g. fallback from regular upload to BITS API due to file size limitations, where flags like "overwrite" are not supported (always on).

  • exception onedrive.api_v5.DoesNotExists

    Bases: "onedrive.api_v5.OneDriveInteractionError"

    Only raised from OneDriveAPI.resolve_path().