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One-off event reminders

Kept in the head of the doc, as stuff is added and removed here all the time.

  • Make this rst-calendar parser thing


    Notes on date/time format - anything that gets parsed by "date -d" (actually used as a fallback) will work.

    Example above shows iso8601 date, but pretty much any format should do, including standard dates/times around the world, weekdays, random human stuff like "next Mon", "now + 3 hours 30 minutes", "5pm July 29 PDT", etc.

    :ts: key in particular also accepts special "every ..." spec for recurring events, which is structured as follows:

      "every" {
        [ ( NN[suffix][ "-" MM[suffix]] )+ | DELTA-DATE-SPEC ]
          ["at"] [TIME ["[" TZ "]"]]
        | DELTA-SPEC "interval" }
      suffix: st, nd, rd, th
      example: every 1st-11th at 5am UTC
      ( N || unit )+
        y, yr, year, mo, month, w, week, d, day,
        h, hr, hour, m, min, minute, s, sec, second
      example: 3mo 1d 5hrs 10minutes 30s
      subset of DELTA-SPEC wrt allowed units
      units: y, yr, year, mo, month, w, week, d, day
      monday mon, tuesday tu tue tues, wednesday wed,
      thursday th thu thur thurs, friday fri, saturday sat, sunday sun
      ( "UTC" | ("+"|"-") HH:MM | region/place | abbrev )
      examples: +05:00, America/Los_Angeles, BST
        (anything that pytz can parse, basically)
      ( [H]H[:MM[:SS]] ["am"|"pm"] | "noon" | "midnight" )

    Gist is that something like "every Friday 13th at 9pm [US/Eastern]", "every Mon-Fri 19:45" or "every 12d interval" will just do what it says, starting any non-specific intervals at either :ts-start: or first time that event/spec was encountered for that rst (tracked in -d/--state-file).

    See more examples for all these below.

  • Multiple appointments for same thing

    ts:Tue 2018-08-14 19:15
    ts:Thu 2018-08-16 13:00
    ts:Sat 2018-08-18 15:30

Simple recurring events

Stuff that happens every day/week/month/year.

  • Same Date Every Year

    ts:July 28


    date will be parsed on each run, as "date -d 'July 28'" in this case, so it will get triggered every year, even when specified as a one-off date (without "every" prefix) due to how "date" parser works.

  • Same Time Every Day

    Note: parsed as "first 10am in the future".
  • Weekend Days

    ts:every sat-sun
    Note: "every <weekday>-<weekday>" spec, adding recurring event interval.
    Note: :conky: key allows to override any -o/--conky-params per-item.
  • New Year Bank Holidays

    ts-start:Jan 1
    ts-end:Jan 10
    Note: ts start/end interval spec for event instead of one fixed time.
    Note: start/end times can only be one-off, not "every X".
  • Workdays during New Year Bank Holidays

    ts-start:Jan 1
    ts-end:Jan 10
    ts:every mon-fri
    Note: same as above, but only matches mon-fri weekdays within that interval.
  • Midnight on every Friday the 13th

    ts:every 13th fri at midnight
    conky:c_title=red c_date=red c_time=red c_weekday=red

Media and Distractions

Media diet, mostly consisting of periodicals like video (tv, anime, etc) series, scheduled twitch streams, audio podcasts, blogs (text series) and such.


  • Co-Optional podcast

    ts:every tue at 12pm [America/Los_Angeles]

    Note: "every" spec with timezone of a specific place.

    Raw timezone can be used in time spec (e.g. "12pm PDT"), but it might not flip correctly when daylight savings periods start/end, so e.g. BST (+1) won't turn into GMT (+0) when explicitly specified and vice-versa, while specifying [Europe/London] (see /usr/share/zoneinfo) will always account for such changes.

    Note: :duration: + :ts: spec instead of start/end.


Feedback on Projects

Checks for various places where proper notification are either not implemented or too annoying to use.