Formalization of proofs from Analysis I in the Lean Theorem Prover.
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Analysis I

The goal of this project is to formalize all the definitions, axioms, propositions, lemmas, theorems, corollaries, and exercises from Analysis I by Terance Tao using the Lean Theorem Prover. It is a work in progress; I am formalizing the proofs as I work through the book.


First, install Lean. On OS X, just run brew install lean. You should end up with the executables lean and linja, among others. Run linja in the repository directory to compile all the Lean files.

To make changes and see Lean's output, you can use the official Emacs Lean mode. Or, if you prefer Vim, you can use my vim-lean plugin.


© 2016 Mitchell Kember

This project is available under the MIT License; see LICENSE for details.