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@@ -8,18 +8,19 @@ Cudgels to beat us with, or rather that they will turn the Canon
upon our Properties, that were intrusted vith them for their
-To see the L_ws Ml _ngled, Disguised, S_e_k quite anothe_N
-L___g__aee than t_eir o_vn, to see then_ __'o_vn fro_ the Dignity
-of protectin__ Manki __d, to the _isg_'acef_l Omce of dest1'aying
-them; ___d l_ot_Tithstanding thei_' Innocence in themselves, to '
-be In_de the _Tol'st Inst_Numents that t_e l_'_ast re6ned Vill_ny
-c_n ___he use of, will I'aise Mens Ange_' above the _o__er of
-laying it da_n again, a_d tem_t them to follow the Evil
-Exan_ples giveu the ___ of J_dging without He_ring, wllen so
-provoked b_' tl__ir desire of Revenge. O__' Trjm11ze__ the_'efo_'e,
-as he thil_keth the L_a___s _a_r_e_J_e__wels, so he believeth they al'e
-__a__ere better set, than ill the con_titution of ou_' _n_l2__s_
-GovernnJent, if rightly unde_'stoo_, and carefully preseI'ved, _
+To see the Laws Mangled, Disguised, Speak quite another
+Language than their own, to see them thrown from the Dignity
+of protecting Mankind, to the disgraceful Office of destroying
+them; and notwithstanding their Innocence in themselves, to '
+be made the worst Instruments that the most refined Villany
+can make use of, will raise Mens Anger above the power of
+laying it down again, and tempt them to follow the Evil
+Examples given them of Judging without Hearing, when so
+provoked by their desire of Revenge. Our Trimmer therefore,
+as he thinketh the Laws are Jewels, so he believeth they are
+nowhere better set, than in the constitution of our English
+Governnment, if rightly understood, and carefully preserved.
It __ould be too g_'eat Pa_'tiality to say they a_'e perfect ol'
li_ble to no Ob_ection; suc_ things are .a_a_t_ ..o__f_t_is __. _orld; but
if they ha_e n_al'e Excellencies and fem_e_' FauIts th_n aIly othel'

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