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import argparse
import os
import time
import math
import collections
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from torch.autograd import Variable
import numpy as np
from apex.reparameterization import apply_weight_norm, remove_weight_norm
from model import SentimentClassifier
from configure_data import configure_data
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='PyTorch Sentiment Discovery Classification')
parser.add_argument('--model', type=str, default='mLSTM',
help='type of recurrent net (RNNTanh, RNNReLU, LSTM, mLSTM, GRU')
parser.add_argument('--emsize', type=int, default=64,
help='size of word embeddings')
parser.add_argument('--nhid', type=int, default=4096,
help='number of hidden units per layer')
parser.add_argument('--nlayers', type=int, default=1,
help='number of layers')
parser.add_argument('--all_layers', action='store_true',
help='if more than one layer is used, extract features from all layers, not just the last layer')
parser.add_argument('--load_model', type=str, default='lang_model_transfer/sentiment/', required=True,
help='path to save the classification')
parser.add_argument('--save_probs', type=str, default='clf_results.npy',
help='path to save numpy of predicted probabilities')
parser.add_argument('--write_results', default='',
help='write results of model on data to specified filepath (csv/json) [no json support currently]')
parser.add_argument('--fp16', action='store_true',
help='Run model in pseudo-fp16 mode (fp16 storage fp32 math).')
parser.add_argument('--neurons', default=-1, type=int,
help='number of nenurons to extract as features')
data_config, data_parser = configure_data(parser)
data_parser.set_defaults(split='1.', data='data/binary_sst/train.csv')
args = parser.parse_args()
args.cuda = torch.cuda.is_available()
train_data, val_data, test_data = data_config.apply(args)
ntokens = args.data_size
model = SentimentClassifier(args.model, ntokens, args.emsize, args.nhid, args.nlayers, 0.0, args.all_layers)
if args.cuda:
if args.fp16:
with open(args.load_model, 'rb') as f:
sd = torch.load(f)
if args.neurons > 0:
# uses similar function as transform from
def classify(model, text):
labels = np.array([])
first_label = True
def get_batch(batch):
(text, timesteps), labels = batch
text = Variable(text).long()
timesteps = Variable(timesteps).long()
labels = Variable(labels).long()
if args.cuda:
text, timesteps, labels = text.cuda(), timesteps.cuda(), labels.cuda()
return text.t(), labels, timesteps
tstart = start = time.time()
n = 0
len_ds = len(text)
with torch.no_grad():
for i, data in enumerate(text):
text_batch, labels_batch, length_batch = get_batch(data)
size = text_batch.size(1)
n += size
# get predicted probabilities given transposed text and lengths of text
probs = model(text_batch, length_batch)
if first_label:
first_label = False
labels = []
num_char = length_batch.sum().data[0]
end = time.time()
elapsed_time = end - start
total_time = end - tstart
start = end
s_per_batch = total_time / (i+1)
timeleft = (len_ds - (i+1)) * s_per_batch
ch_per_s = num_char / elapsed_time
print('batch {:5d}/{:5d} | ch/s {:.2E} | time {:.2E} | time left {:.2E}'.format(i, len_ds, ch_per_s, elapsed_time, timeleft))
if not first_label:
labels = (np.concatenate(labels).flatten())
print('%0.3f seconds to transform %d examples' %
(time.time() - tstart, n))
return labels
ypred = classify(model, train_data)
save_root = args.load_model
save_root.replace('.current', '')
save_root = os.path.dirname(save_root)
save_root = os.path.join(save_root, args.save_probs)
print('saving predicted probabilities to '+save_root), ypred)
if args.write_results == '':
def get_writer(probs):
header = ['predicted proba']
yield header
for prob in probs:
yield [prob]
print('writing results to '+args.write_results)
writer = get_writer(ypred)
train_data.dataset.write(writer, path=args.write_results)