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Chunky Bacon

This mod aims to chunk-align anything that can be. Once you go chunky, your designs will never be funky.

When creating chunk-aligned blueprints, it helps tremendously for ranges, areas, and distances to be a factor or multiple of the standard in-game chunk size of 32 tiles.

The best example of this is the large power pole. Bumping the wire range from 30 to 32 allows you to have a power pole in the same place on every chunk and they will connect, which is extremely useful for railway blueprints.

Exact numbers are open to debate, current values are just my opinion. Please open an issue on GitHub if you would like to have a discussion.

If there are other entities that you would like to have chunk-aligned, let me know!

Entities and changes

Each entity adjustment can be disabled individually.

Large power pole

Wire range changed from 30 to 32, so you can place one per chunk.

Medium power pole

Wire range changed from 9 to 16, supply area from 3.5 to 4.5

This is probably the most controversial change, and it was also the one I tinkered with the most. The options were 8 or 16. 8 would have broken everyone's designs, and while 16 seems almost too long, it's not nearly as bad as it would seem.

Small power pole

Wire range changed from 7.5 to 8.

I'm not sure why the default value is a fractional value, but 8 is one quarter of a chunk, which makes things align nicely.


Wire range changed from 18 to 24, supply area from 9 to 12.

The math on this one is a little more convoluted. The supply area is one third of a chunk, while the wire reach is two-thirds. Without bumping the large power pole to reach over two chunks, it was hard to make the substation fit in the scale.


Logistics radius changed from 28 to 32, construction radius from 54 to 64.

Two roboports will happily connect over two chunks and construct a 4x4 chunk bos around them.


This mod is open source. Feel free to fork and contribute back as you wish. Please use GitHub for discussion and contribution.

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