2nd edition code



Java Web Services: Up and Running, 2e

For convenience, the sample code from the book is divided into chapters, with one ZIP file per chapter. Each ZIP contains a Readme document with an overview of the contents. Per ZIP file there is an Ant script to deploy sample services to Tomcat or an equivalent web server such as Jetty; a deployed WAR file, which includes source code for convenience, also is provided for most of the services. On the client side, most of the code examples either are in self-contained, executable JAR files or have an Ant script to build and execute.

The Ant script for deploying services (the file is build.xml) requires minor editing: one line needs to be changed to specify the install directory for your Tomcat, Jetty, or equivalent server. The script itself includes documentation about what needs to be changed.

Best of luck with the code. Make it better.